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Spell check of chuck

Correct spelling: chuck

bread, fire, spill, draw, dab, eruct, catapult, range, slash, purify, convulse, shunt, clap, launch, reject, put, ditch, ptyalize, claxon, chuck steak, thrash, dispose, cant, chop, bowl, viands, comestibles, rove, drift, wander, the business end, blare, chuck out, spew, push, throw up, blade, edge, jactitate, throw out, cat, swan, chow chow, heave, scour, spue, plunk, tap, table, couch, cut, victuals, kick out, stray, sky, shuck, propel, chump, shove, keep, remove, be sick, bump, direct, leave, defriend, throw, project, aim, tucker, regurgitate, ram, sling, precipitate, put away, lob, drive, vagabond, beefsteak, caress, redact, toss, claw, flip, ramble, toot, chow, split up, slap, cast aside, provender, thresh, impel, dispose of, puke, cutlet, vittles, plop, corn dog, relinquish, evict, edibles, toss away, foodstuffs, stick, break off, replace, oust, upchuck, touch, grub, cronk, fall out, toss out, junk, bunt, shed, thresh about, scrap, finish with, do away with, throw off, eats, regorge, mould, sick, shake off, meat, bounce, cast out, bit, hurtle, ptyalise, trench, prod, vomit, cast away, flush, gag, fling, fare, hurl, broomstick, expel, dismiss, cast off, provisions, eradicate, cast, drop, attachment, pelt, vomit up, break up, thrust, boot, cut off, contrive, point, throw away, thrash about, mold, brisket, beep, purge, honk, squeeze, compel, jettison, pitch, spew out, eliminate, flick, bristle, dump, discard, pat, goad, disgorge, retch, reproduce, eject, sanctify, roam, roll, eatables, frame.

bane, poison, toxin, keep down, venom.

Examples of usage:

1) Look here, Clare, I'll chuck this engagement. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Throw down your pole, chuck out your bait, An' say your fishin's through? - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

3) Chuck my coat over the screen, will you? - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.