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Spell check of discard

Correct spelling: discard

ostracize, forgo, disavow, abandon, repudiate, cast off, ban, thrash about, rejection, cast out, waive, kick out, banish, boot out, repeal, put to sleep, lock up, splurge, jail, disapprove, throw aside, brush aside, dismantle, dispossess, keep, snip, curtail, abdicate, cast away, excise, forsake, sky, deny, disallow, reject, erupt, jilt, dump, write off, put by, exhaust, toss away, incarcerate, thresh about, oust, shut away, get rid of, part with, chop, shear, gaol, bar, dispose, give up, eliminate, oppugn, put aside, throw overboard, eighty-six, qualify, chuck, jactitate, crop, divorce, surrender, discharge, relinquish, imprison, ditch, release, throw off, cast aside, throwing away, emit, free of, exude, capitulate, belch, slash, evacuate, dispel, incline, drop, scrap, abjure, root out, convulse, sweep away, recant, disown, supersede, pitch, lock, spew, secrete, cancel, drain, refuse, lock in, thrust aside, forswear, slough, put behind bars, make away with, disclaim, thresh, dispatch, dispense with, throw away, seep, renounce, deep-six, revoke, vacate, throw, desert, blacklist, cull, trash, lock away, rid, turn out, leave, vomit, tuck away, scotch, turf out, put away, clip, pass up, excrete, recall, do away with, retract, shake off, toss out, lag, jug, vent, lop, advance, dispose of, shed, blackball, brush away, throw out, tuck in, flip, give away, drum out, expel, exclude, let go, remand, toss, immure, shut up, toss aside, junk, shun, eject, ostracise, thrash, chuck out, lay aside, jettison, relegate, dismiss, cast, second, fling, disgorge, check, cut.

avow, maintain, claim, assert, hold, acknowledge, defend, advocate, retain, vindicate, proclaim, own, cherish, uphold.

Examples of usage:

1) He ceased these preparations long enough to toss his hat upon his coat and discard tie and collar. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) She had got rid of a good many prejudices during the past few years, and was, for that matter, in due time to discard some more; but it hurt her to see a friend of hers- and she admitted that she regarded him as such- playing the part of mountebank to amuse the inhabitants of a forlorn prairie town. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Just as you never doubted that the speeches of Andromache are poetical and that the catalogue of the ships is not, so you will find it no problem to discard the tedious descriptions in Balzac as unpoetical while you accept the emotional sections as poems. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.