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Spell check of destroy

Correct spelling: destroy

disavow, extirpate, vitiate, hunt, damage, spoil, lay, plunder, set aside, gut, drop, dissolve, break, despoil, suppress, cross up, beat, neutralize, retract, divorce, off, level, torpedo, throw down, negate, knock out, slaughter, bring down, smash, disintegrate, trample, poach, maim, degrade, let down, decimate, upset, repudiate, inhibit, croak, hunt out, blast, sack, vandalize, overwhelm, expunge, repeal, supplant, rub out, wreck, enter, repose, sabotage, unload, disclaim, count against, land, nuke, nullify, shatter, dispatch, claim, carry off, finish off, put down, veto, abrogate, tear down, overthrow, throttle, split up, rip to shreds, foul up, construct, impair, undo, cast down, finish, reverse, eliminate, abate, pull down, trash, ransack, desolate, dismantle, put away, blot out, ruin, devastate, burden, knock down, overturn, mutilate, place down, ravish, demean, efface, vaporize, win, set down, annihilate, scuttle, mar, flatten, record, raze, exterminate, break up, thrash, deflower, remove, zap, bag, lay waste, bump off, consume, withdraw, dynamite, wipe out, do in, quell, squelch, cream, take down, dismiss, atomize, wrack, liquidate, cut off, wash up, terminate, abort, deface, sink, abnegate, plague, crash, pulverize, counteract, hold back, break down, eradicate, drop off, cancel, overcome, disaffirm, annul, crush, overpower, prohibit, obliterate, disgrace, take, cull, conclude, embarrass, scorch, maraud, butcher, revoke, erase, bankrupt, end, spoliate, pulverise, defeat, dispel, pillage, destruct, fell, extinguish, scourge, ravage, stop, slay, subvert, bring up against, reject, help, bulldoze, knock off, disadvantage, delete, cut down, mow down, invalidate, stamp out, write down, abolish, get down, blitz, build, demolish, waste, refute, make away with, total, discharge, snuff out, eat away, dissipate, deny, bomb, quash.

establish, continue, recover, forge, patch, fix, produce, constitute, promote, renovate, protect, create, bring about, enact, construct, revamp, restore, nurture, mend, make, conserve, preserve, animate, invent, confirm, shape, revive, sustain, put up, set up, erect, introduce, fabricate, doctor, resuscitate, father, redeem, manufacture, fashion, remodel, assemble, reinstate, rehabilitate, repair, renew, save, rebuild, legalize, rear, resurrect, found, mold, frame, raise, support, cherish, build, institute, organize, reconstruct, authorize, recondition, form.

Examples of usage:

1) Oh, why did they destroy my faith? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) The paper- I will destroy it myself, now. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) It is above all important to destroy. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.