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Spell check of devastate

Correct spelling: devastate

languish, swamp, rip to shreds, distress, snow under, liquidate, wreck, overpower, rub out, total, cream, help, level, nuke, confuse, wound, whelm, vaporize, stab, pull down, blow, raze, bulldoze, ruin, extinguish, obliterate, disturb, flagellate, trash, extirpate, decimate, atomize, defeat, do in, harry, pine away, dismay, neutralise, tear down, scourge, ravage, depress, annihilate, neutralize, abolish, smash, destroy, shatter, oppress, flatten, overcome, macerate, confute, vandalize, mutilate, waste, abandon, wrack, demolish, grind, desolate, confound, worry, pulverize, emaciate, eradicate, overmaster, lay waste to, rot, squander, floor, upset, exterminate, forsake, eat away, crush, consume, prostrate, disintegrate, mow down, knock off, ware, dismantle, overwhelm, hang over, depopulate, lay waste, run off, desert.

fashion, rebuild, produce, fix, mend, mold, conserve, invent, restore, recondition, make, fabricate, save, put up, father, preserve, institute, build, manufacture, constitute, forge, remodel, recover, patch, form, repair, bring about, create, renovate, rear, construct, rehabilitate, shape, redeem, establish, set up, erect, organize, raise, reconstruct, frame, found, doctor, protect, revamp, assemble.

Examples of usage:

1) As we trudged back to the lower halls, defeated but none the less impressed by our failure to devastate our stronghold, I was struck by the awful barrenness of the surroundings. - "A Fool and His Money", George Barr McCutcheon.

2) That child is going to devastate London. - "The Woman With The Fan", Robert Hichens.

3) In 1541, when the Turkish invasion from the East threatened to devastate all Europe, special days of humiliation and prayer were held throughout Germany. - "The Story of Our Hymns", Ernest Edwin Ryden.