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Spell check of desolate

Correct spelling: desolate

knock off, unconsolable, crude, plain, dysphoric, desert, liquidate, level, thoroughgoing, depressive, run off, melancholic, vacant, squander, consume, forlorn, morose, utter, marginal, sepulchral, spare, destitute, harry, free, perfect, melancholy, abolish, lay waste to, raw, blunt, infertile, cutting, blue, decimate, dismal, happy, destroyed, dejected, solemn, Cimmerian, raze, darkening, wasted, consummate, lugubrious, sunless, smash, mow down, barren, unfinished, black, vacated, comfortless, disintegrate, unproductive, abandoned, elegiac, destroy, poor, full, unhappy, unadulterated, dreich, scourge, dim, atomize, tear down, abandon, dispirited, mere, simple, disused, downcast, gloomy, saturnine, waste, complete, tenebrific, keep, bare, blow, chill, devastated, uninhabited, defect, pine away, dreary, dead, extirpate, forsaken, sad, inhospitable, rot, demolish, miserable, vaporize, stern, joyless, impoverished, lonesome, bereft, sullen, innocent, ruined, severe, unfrequented, au naturel, devastate, drear, devoid, unembellished, ravage, vacate, cold, gray, murky, exterminate, ravaged, neutralise, wreck, low, flagellate, lonely, rejected, light, emaciate, morbid, funereal, tristful, dull, downhearted, bony, forsake, languish, scanty, double-dyed, desolated, dismantle, wistful, tenebrous, deserted, heavy-hearted, cheerless, lay waste, ware, staring, dark, cloudy, pulverize, isolated, somber, unsheathed, arrant, eradicate, sodding, godforsaken, disconsolate, plutonian, macerate, gross, spiritless, forgotten, void, derelict, depressed, dolorous, neutralize, stripped, pure, down, depressing, help, stark, give up, do in, unornamented, inconsolable, bleak, dire, blasted, lorn, empty, bulldoze, hardscrabble, wretched, depopulate, annihilate, austere, glum, unfertile, flatten, everlasting.

cordial, jolly, consolable, redeemed, buoyant, fruitful, jocund, joyous, attended, hospitable, joyful, arable, encouraging, reclaimed, accompanied, rehabilitated, blithesome, restored, cheery, sunshiny, lighthearted, rescued, saved, bright, cheering, fertile, verdant, friendly, blithe, escorted, lush, luxuriant, retrieved, salvaged, rehabbed, lightsome, cheerful, optimistic, merry, rich, tillable, sylvan, reconditioned, productive, comforting, festive, heartwarming, hopeful, green, mirthful, recovered.

Examples of usage:

1) A more desolate line of coast could not be imagined. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) But how desolate, how dreadful was this victory! - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) He's from the desolate Bush back East, and nobody has taught him to express himself clearly. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.