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Spell check of excise

Correct spelling: excise

sunder, ostracize, light upon, fret, grave, discharge, disjoin, disallow, scrap, rub, cut down, cleave, uncouple, disaffiliate, discard, hit, rend, dissociate, assume, scrub, belch, crop, oppugn, coin, eliminate, unglue, disarticulate, vent, impinge on, split, unhinge, vomit, deport, abandon, take, chop, impress, disapprove, disintegrate, clip, deny, spew, rupture, bar, partition, bisect, exclude, ban, evict, cut, jettison, excrete, dismantle, repudiate, corporation tax, customs, cancel, affect, extradite, CGT, slice, drain, disassociate, chance on, segregate, capital gains tax, unfix, amputate, adapt, disqualify, collide with, chafe, excise tax, itch, detach, alienate, curtail, castrate, halve, exhaust, fragment, snip, decapitate, shear, fall upon, circumcise, call off, pare, inscribe, dissect, exile, expatriate, append, insulate, evacuate, sever, come up, oust, delete, discover, disgorge, censor, separate, divorce, strickle, check, compress, dramatize, renounce, eradicate, resect, emit, blackball, proscribe, break, move, axe, disembowel, junk, attain, deep-six, incise, exude, extract, scratch up, come upon, eject, boycott, alter, run into, corporate tax, direct tax, shine, estrange, ignore, scratch, disclaim, disconnect, scissor, come to, divide, part, take up, lop, remove, carbon tax, expunge, prohibit, disbar, back tax, fray, trash, chance upon, disassemble, come across, cull, blacklist, expel, scrape up, scrape, mint, capitation, disengage, engrave, relegate, disunite, fall, secrete, reject, walk out, condense, excommunicate, death tax, happen upon, bowdlerize, shed, geld, eviscerate, seep, forbid, dismember, banish, strike, erupt, rip, jilt.

Examples of usage:

1) " My dear," was the reply, " I have resigned my post in the Excise- office, and shall henceforth devote myself to you and my aged mother. - "Little Miss Joy", Emma Marshall.

2) I'll venture a guess, it won't be for the purpose of coal legislation, but on the other hand we will have to fight out again Governor Goodrich's pet Excise Tax Bill, and for additional appropriations for state institutions. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.