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Spell check of degenerate

Correct spelling: degenerate

sporting, shocking, leave out, ebb, wrongdoing, misdoing, truehearted, putrefied, drip, swing, wilt, rakehell, sin, overleap, loose, scamp, devalued, rakish, warped, loyal, shake off, break, fracture, slip into, dissolve, crumble, atrophy, slob, lecher, dilapidate, sinful, bad guy, strong, spendthrift, deteriorated, rot, atrophied, prodigal, washed-up, pig, sordid, worse, lush, traitor, deteriorate, evildoing, putrefy, unclean, felonious, pale, demoralized, heel, base, immorality, blackguard, sadistic, worst, return, miscreant, worsen, wane, rupture, dissolute, overripe, profuse, dribble, dilapidated, tumultuous, enormity, dismiss, rogue, dissect, dissipated, retrogressive, flatten, anatomize, dangle, shatter, pass, card-playing, luxuriant, put down, backslider, obnoxious, cut down, throw off, regress, perverted, drop down, wither, immoral, sink, throw away, expend, shed, flag, debauched, knave, disruptive, send packing, increase, decompose, villainy, pervert, unload, rapscallion, depravity, descend into, shyster, unwholesome, go down, escalate, hog, decadence, flying, fail, riotous, drop off, get worse, mortify, slump, jackleg, degraded, weaken, reprobate, collapse, deepen, debased, retrogress, deviant, set down, flagitious, gross, retrogressed, criminal, reprehensible, downgraded, improper, fall apart, impoverished, corrupt, turbulent, black, slide, fall, lawbreaking, declined, pretermit, firm, evil, tergiversate, languish, quick, slip, troubled, drop, knock off, disintegrate, perverse, devolve, fast, wrong, spoil, iniquitous, clean, psychopath, strike down, villain, revert, fade, decay, rascal, better, miss, throw, deviate, damnable, jezebel, betting, scandalous, profligate, exuberant, swine, wicked, cast off, decayed, amoral, decadent, spiral, maniac, villainous, scoundrel, overlook, downgrade, send away, sinister, retrograde, rotten, sick, relapse, bad, libertine, discharge, moulder, extraordinary, omit, descend, neglect, immobile, malingerer, excess, decline, depraved, extravagant, cast, fell, fizzle, indecent, good, go downhill, turn, inferior, slattern, iniquity, lapse, unethical, pedophile, unhealthy, spend, blameworthy, waste.

honest, recover, moral, good, pure, convalesce, principled, ethical, uncorrupt, virtuous, righteous, recuperate, incorruptible, uncorrupted.

Examples of usage:

1) Once we were great warriors, today we are a degenerate, ignorant race.

2) The popular cloak is the burnous; the hat of the muleteer a degenerate turban; the haick, under whose folds Eastern jealousy required the features of all females to be concealed, survives in the mantilla, that once covered the face, and does yet in certain towns, as Tarifa, and which has even travelled to Spanish America as the tapada of Lima.

3) Since then the world has had five hundred years in which to degenerate.