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Spell check of buzz

Correct spelling: buzz

lisp, gossip, affiliate marketing, press, Bronx cheer, reverberation, flavor, reverberate, datum, novelty, dish, nip, surge, airlift, bank, campaign, whoosh, mode, chant, throb, clickthrough, excitement, crush, chatter, roar, intoxicated, sputter, mystery, seethe, bite, drone, joie de vivre, background noise, rattle, sensation, brrr, gallop, A to Z, sniffle, inebriated, wasted, go crazy, hard-drinking, thunder, grate, sibilate, fizzle, enthusiasm, burble, bang, hum, latest, clatter, splash, rumble, Grand Central Station, chirr, adspend, alcoholic, drop, billing, rhonchus, hearsay, frenzy, trend, fly, applause, hasten, word, news, pleasure, madhouse, fashion, din, tattle, clangor, delight, churr, hungover, burr, pulsate, catcall, direct mail, ring, whistle, scrunch, grind, thrum, whiz, bombination, words, event marketing, chic, talk, bustling, fascination, dernier cri, scuttlebutt, spin around, telephone, style, zoom, crunch, bumble, bombilate, vogue, roll, sneeze, data, vitality, anticipation, rage, ecstasy, climb, babble, down, rub, wonder, detail, findings, buzzing, grunt, flatten, race, drum, peak, craze, ding, eject, purr, sizzle, fact, boil, racket, hectic, flap, call, snore, snort, sibilation, dart, last word, boo, screech, life, grumble, satisfaction, whir, spark, charge, blitzed, bombinate, crackling, advertising, squeeze, branding, groan, report, animation, phone, swoon, hot ticket, outpace, cough, knock, click, lively, speed, resound, bellow, thrill, exult, beat, ton, go, crackle, wheeze, resonate, captain, depress, crash around, bombilation, kick, compress, whisper, murmur, blow, dial, snuffle, hammered, zip, color, ditch, clap, information, cluck, hiss, come down, noise, busy season.

yell, bawl, howl, scream, classic, squeal, standard, roar, yelp, screech, squall, shriek.

Examples of usage:

1) Don't buzz that bell so loud in my ears. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) There was no time to buzz the colonel; Poe was already opening the door. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) A little buzz rose, filled the air for a moment and then sank into silence again. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.