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Spell check of contact

Correct spelling: contact

discourse, middleman, play, receive, correspondence, clashing, get hold of, skin senses, communication, gain, trace, intimacy, while away, encounter, skim, palm, assemble, association, spot, affect, confidante, cutaneous senses, ghost, disturb, jobber, nexus, strive, give, fall into place, edge, foregather, take on, pinch, extend to, graze, fill, butt on, touch, interlocutor, co-respondent, shock, come home, clutch, brush, connection, converge, finish up, frames, wrap up, reach out, bear on, radio link, tactile sensation, achieve, abut, girlfriend, arrive at, pass, mite, friend, match, partake, attain, wholesaler, take, link, cathode, self-expression, conduit, thus, get together, amigo, accomplish, anode, twiddle, advert, data link, liaison, mate, fulfil, hence, dark glasses, dissolution, chum, dawn, tangency, paw, clear up, tinct, striking, touch on, interaction, rub, fit, run across, jot, buddy, feeling, from, bridge, linkup, feel, tie-in, collision, come through, tinge, come to, concern, acquaintance, therefore, manipulation, contingence, hitting, allude, click, touch modality, articulation, get to, refer, source, grasp, stir, march, ply, cross-fertilization, join, connect, get through, relate, pertain, reach, firm friends, speck, signature, consequently, pawing, maintain, plying, cope with, hold, connectedness, run into, silence, impact, inter-group communication, rival, circuit board, four-eyes, pat, conform to, manipulate, coil, handling, circuitry, junction, concussion, ensuing, fulfill, intercommunication, see, access, bear upon, affaire, divorce, sink in, bifocals, make, joint custody, satisfy, turn over, telecommunications, correspond, tie, tint, transmission, amour, tactual sensation, meeting, companion, accordingly, sense of touch, eyewear, connexion, suffer, abutment, penetrate, seize, circuit, progress to, eyeglasses, border, butt against, gather, mop up, strain, come across, diaphragm, earpiece, alimony, tangibility, teledensity, hand, clash, wi-fi, forgather, meet, pass on, palpation, contact lens, tap, circuit breaker, finger, palpate, ex, knock-on, polish off, patch through, touching, touch sensation, affair, connected, impinging, hint, conflict, hear from, hit, touch base, kiss, caress, adjoin, equal, grip, finish off, opposition, soupcon, get across, rubbing, involvement, dissolve.

coincidence, unity, unison, concurrence, amity, concord, concert, agreement, harmony, conformity.

Examples of usage:

1) But the important thing in their stay in Paris was that they came into contact with men of letters. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

2) What I am particularly pleased with is the manner in which the man who makes his home here is brought into close contact with Nature. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) I was brought very much in contact with him for three years, and if we had not been in camp, and under arms, I would have challenged him a score of times. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.