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Spell check of campaign

Correct spelling: campaign

iron out, fight down, grounds, causal agency, budge, apparent movement, encourage, agitate, electioneering, take to the woods, labour, procedure, motion, event marketing, play, footrace, contest, break away, driving force, beseech, assault, rill, tally, trend, political campaign, act, shake, bloodshed, course, warpath, front, campaigning, parkway, fly the coop, tend, advertise, foot race, defend, action, convince, stir up, tug, bunk, combat, thrust, endeavour, warfare, represent, scarper, compress, press out, undertake, run away, ravel, raise up, record, travail, move, persist, streak, bleed, suit, social movement, initiate, ply, melt down, scheme, attempt, deed, run, operate, weigh, test, candidature, charge, head for the hills, lead, hunt, direct elections, fight back, spur, prevail, safari, billing, work, melt, consort, bm, reason, try, do, running, scat, mission, run for, juggernaut, rivulet, bowel movement, bandwagon, promote, unravel, aggression, squeeze, contract, incursion, oppose, die hard, enterprise, trial, guide, ladder, branding, adjure, causal agent, drift, pass, weightlift, range, cause, affair, elect, hunting expedition, exertion, driving, task, draw, maneuver, trail, engage, charm offensive, weight-lift, bear on, compact, track down, perform, undertaking, election, offensive, function, private road, running game, initiative, labor, candidacy, motivate, causa, series, attack, movement, scuffle, crusade, endure, pitched battle, race, buzz, hostility, be given, effort, urge, military campaign, chad, adspend, runnel, entreat, incline, force, execute, disturb, scramble, flow, turn on, adventure, lawsuit, charge up, lean, stir, take the field, round, guerre, proceed, feed, advance poll, case, vex, iron, venture, project, elbow grease, apparent motion, streamlet, advertize, pursue, skirmish, direct mail, bid, shake up, escape, crowd, commove, black market, process, turn tail, get in, tussle, conflict, clickthrough, dissuade, push, affiliate marketing, shift, battle, hold, discharge, feat, production, prod, driveway, extend, sweat, press, constrict, rouse, syndrome, running play, activity, stand, blitz, conjure, by-election, stand for, foment, disenfranchise, exhort, exploit, entice, excite, operation, war, hightail it, advertising, pursuit, drive, persuade, beauty contest, go, motility, struggle, engagement, prevail on, carry, endeavor, take, contend, fight, urge on, hunt down, outpouring, performance, canvass, ride, lam, jihad.

Examples of usage:

1) The sledge, the clothing, the camp outfit, everything which had been used in the previous campaign, were worn out. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) With the new equipment, our camp life now was not like that of the Polar campaign. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) We'll open a social campaign. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.