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Spell check of deepen

Correct spelling: deepen

commute, dig out, enhance, bleach, sink, cast up, heighten, ring, interchange, learn, channel, crest, strengthen, blacken, amp, emphasize, keep up, shift, catch, pick up, retrain, expand, confuse, decline, complicate, brighten, plunge, alter, hollow, aggravate, boost, dash, compound, lighten, vary, reverberate, underline, deafen, slip into, consolidate, convert, raise, develop, lower, run, redouble, intensify, deteriorate, switch, engulf, go off, descend into, amplify, surge, submerge, stress, bleed, sweep over, extend, dig, grip, come over, combine, modify, grow, course, gray, transfer, change, drop, mystify, worsen, depress, break, spiral, rise, accentuate, swell, burst, mellow, exaggerate, echo, color, absorb, go down, magnify, pulse, beef, step up, confound, master, obscure, fade, baffle, train, defy, shorten, degenerate, come in, escalate, acquire, exchange, sharpen, increase.

dwindle, recede, let up, decrease, lighten, tone, lessen, abate, subside, taper, wane, ease, subdue, diminish, weaken, moderate, reduce, alleviate.

Examples of usage:

1) He watched it deepen, and knew that his silence was filling her with uneasiness. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) A long and painful interval has given time for passions to calm, for thoughts to deepen; it has given the necessary time for reflection and observation. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) What was done and what was not done, and the reasons given both for action and for inaction, only served to deepen the impression of the insincerity of the Cabinet. - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.