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Spell check of shake

Correct spelling: shake

drop, jimjams, cast, New York minute, brandish, fluff up, twitter, convulse, put forward, twinkling, shingle, hallucination, revive, unburden, commove, second, charge up, oscillation, shake off, waggle, grip, disburden, strengthen, tingle, americano, vex, pulsation, movement, heebie-jeebies, disturb, shake up, budge, mute, heal, persuade, shift, vibrate, moment, respond, flail, box, call down, invoke, fall, throw, dilute, choke, break for, stir up, handshake, make, throw-off, beat, rid, make off with, frisson, reorganise, charge, clutch, reduce, trice, weaken, judder, calm, fight, escape, basket, pull through, fluster, flash, conjure, cause, quake, butterflies, flee, totter, dither, get away, roll, throw away, campaign, hang on, distract, cast off, trouble, call forth, seek, wind up, reorganize, waver, slip, lift, plump up, bucket, conjure up, brace, club soda, bitters, break out, milkshake, cider, cartload, recover, oscillate, discharge, etiology, move, repetition, consternate, break, relieve, boxful, excite, wag, crisis, raise up, hasten, card, screaming meemies, displace, toss, stimulate, chill, energize, daunt, split second, bolt, terrify, chocolate, shock, dehydration, chai, perturb, vibration, shakes, thrill, angostura, alarm, clear, get, bucketful, keep, shrivel, intimidate, tremble, frighten, ruffle, stir, bag, carry, energise, startle, foment, unsettle, disquiet, upset, provoke, panic, nanosecond, minute, convulsion, evade, tremor, aetiology, shed, perk up, elude, grasp, swing, press, rush, shivers, rouse, hold tight, joggle, fit, bounce, armful, quiver, shudder, moderate, bring up, temblor, twinkle, jiggle, trill, disembarrass, grab, disencumber, fluctuate, twitch, discompose, complication, succuss, break away, release, fidgety, jar, lose, flurry, wit, flutter, modulate, lessen, horrify, subside, churn, fidget, cappuccino, bother, rattle, arouse, hold on, nerves, turn on, dislocate, didder, jolt, brew, fight off, cradle, dessertspoon, dismay, handclasp, appall, heartbeat, boatload, quaver, evoke, toing and froing, reel, eyeblink, handshaking, milk shake, palpitate, escape from, push, flap, contortion, erode, flounder, pathology, willies, raise, have, crusade, scare, nurse, contort, chip away, survive, jiffy, induce, wiggle, wobble, perforation, wave, whim-whams, sway, rock, jounce, agitate, touch, buttermilk, fear, harden, bump around, rise, wink, jiff, shiver.

equanimity, infinity, forever, imperturbability, composure, aeon, eternity, lifetime, aplomb, tranquillity, self-possession, age, calm.

Examples of usage:

1) You shake your head. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) You shake your head as if you didn'tbelieve me; but take my word for it, I 'm right, sir. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) I 'd like to shake hands with him once again. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.