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Spell check of bag

Correct spelling: bag

catch, cask, abduct, cup, clasp, purchase, wallet, certain, incur, come out, bottle, vat, base, embed, bulge, cram, haul, land, dish aerial, pocket edition, deprive, derive, backpack, cup of tea, hang, gunny, field, old bag, saucer, tank, hold, win, confiscate, pop out, pocketbook, beauty, territory, sure, root word, clench, school bag, bin, hug, fall down, claim, reservoir, nab, plunder, battleax, world, boatload, secure, dessertspoon, carpetbag, ladle, start, amass, luggage, pop, procure, receive, reap, looker, bobby pin, strong point, basket, pack sack, theme, ride up, sack, swag, barrel, long suit, purse, monopolize, frump, traction, bagful, accumulate, pucker, groundwork, storage, wrangle, baggage, clutches, understructure, al-Qaida, valise, bailiwick, virago, hunt, base of operations, grab, assume, commandeer, al-Qa'ida, pouch, stand, bum bag, packet, root, arm candy, chest, pedestal, boxful, harridan, duffel bag, crate, briefcase, dish antenna, clutch, score, usurp, clinched, boodle, container, locker, poke, drawer, bed, repository, corner, attache case, kit, traveling bag, holder, graft, pannier, saddlebag, handle, basis, adhesive friction, gunnysack, fundament, fit, gunny sack, province, bulge out, subject, drum, home, thing, appropriate, garbage bag, satchel, protrude, grasp, trunk, dishful, find, cabinet, definite, quiver, case, princess, can, dame, take, tray, shelf, udder, foundation, stomach, vault, booty, tote, bladder, cabin baggage, loot, foot, get, billfold, Midland, collect, impound, cartload, bowl, ravisher, accompanied baggage, shopping bag, lure, suitcase, grab bag, breathe, handgrip, portmanteau, bury, palm, obtain, jug, notecase, cull, entomb, add, terrain, belly, harvest, retrieve, radix, spoils, decanter, prize, levy, witch, annex, chick, smasher, get together, bug out, floor, center, gather, grip, bucketful, scene, area, realm, peach, specialty, arena, hunt out, body bag, acquire, garner, radical, department, capture, forte, ability, orbit, poach, alkali, cornerstone, bird, knockout, sweetheart, preference, stem, reticule, gain, strong suit, accept, heap, buy, fetch, cupboard, al-Qaeda, armful, haversack, flow, box, hairgrip, closet, carryall, rucksack, exterminate, dish, bring, infrastructure, receptacle, circle, nucleotide, destroy, lulu, bucket, knapsack, gladstone, bunch, net, substructure, put down, pack, stunner, jar, handbag, domain, brief case, flask, pocket book, sac, come by, mantrap, pocket, bulk, butcher.

Examples of usage:

1) It's in this bag. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) But when you came along with the ice- bag and your nice voice, and I got a good look at you next day, all that went up in the air. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Daily we had learned to appreciate more and more the joy of the sleeping bag. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.