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Spell check of bury

Correct spelling: bury

wax, beat, enshrine, skunk, drop, unsay, engross, stash, blank out, whomp, veil, attack, paste, disinter, fall off, disabuse, win over, cortege, coat, overcome, inanimate, drub, dead, tomb, cremate, entomb, cushion, lifeless, smoke, dispute, dust, bomb, obscure, exhaust, bier, polish off, bed, accept, plunge, put away, lay to rest, implant, absorb, engulf, smother, get down, suppress, ashes, at peace, whup, go down, slump, inhume, top, debunk, trim, hush, cache, whop, sink, erase, secrete, block, casket, repress, draw a blank, concede, explode, conquer, cram, late, deadlock, mummify, lay, cover, slide down, engage, drop down, fasten, crate, disguise, blot out, insulate, departed, refute, discredit, lapse, occupy, screen, enshroud, steep, eat up, escape, confound, immerse, exhume, deflate, thrash, rout, crown, deceased, flatten, mask, all, burial, box, cloak, skin, coffin, consume, go under, cream, censor, leave, aggregate, ensconce, settle, assist, blind, chalk something up, blanket, embalm, annihilate, inundate, wallop, snow under, lost, inter, recover, bag, disprove, defeat, show, deplete, subside, pass, trounce, occult, swallow up, dip, unresponsive, cremains, live with, take back, dissemble, repudiate, clobber, center, shellac, tromp, overwhelm, use up, wrap, hearse, run through, embed, at rest, conceal, wipe out, soak up, camouflage, bottle, blow away, hide, lay out, obliterate, forget, finish, plant, withdraw, eat.

admit, uncover, advertise, make known, think of, show off, unwrap, discover, bare, unmask, reveal, exhume, lay bare, manifest, display, tell, exhibit, publish, uncoffin, promulgate, raise, lay open, burn, disclose, divulge, disinter, parade, avow, unearth, confess, show, unveil, cremate, remember, flaunt, betray, expose.

Examples of usage:

1) In fear lest he should die in Scotland and they would not bury him in Antrim churchyard beside Anna. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) These Kali had to bury. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) No, bury it with me. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.