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Spell check of attack

Correct spelling: attack

ferocity, spoil, slash, ague, antiaircraft, onslaught, outpouring, flak catcher, fierceness, thuggery, onset, barrage, feeler, violence, sail in, concede, dishonor, abuse, attempt, encounter, descent, resistance, retreat, ailment, get around to, approach path, intervention, sickliness, tirade, inroad, bayonet, pitch into, clap, bomb out, flesh out, intensity, invasion, uproar, decrepitude, mar, turn, bug, ardor, fervour, broil, withdrawal, take over, unhealthiness, terrorism, queasiness, snipe, injure, feverishness, coup de main, gust, offense, relapse, labialize, savagery, take up, fall upon, rage, outburst, frenzy, insubordination, affection, cannonade, bombard, air raid, malady, violate, lunge, counterattack, nausea, antiaircraft gun, brutishness, turmoil, lash out, strike, beleaguer, approach, sickness, talking-to, bout, polish, furor, tell off, fever, scorch, vehemence, scathe, dissension, bomb, symptom, bombardment, breakdown, atrocity, round down, rebelliousness, savage, flame, infliction, carve up, ambush, warfare, outrage, dishonour, torture, bloodshed, offensive, pounding, begin, castigate, fly at, fight, obstinacy, syndrome, harangue, brush up, rush, access, carpet-bomb, assault, fit, trounce, fill out, detonate, brawl, flash, curse, blitzkrieg, ravish, boldness, audacity, counteraction, contravention, invade, lecture, blast, indisposition, advance, encroachment, inhumanity, pestilence, coming, battle, stain, breakout, round off, fire, tear apart, trespass, wildness, tone-beginning, hit, remonstrance, criticism, assailment, blame, cushion, deadlock, glide slope, approaching, flay, reproach, pom-pom, quibble, raid, salvo, start on, irruption, debility, batter, spurt, lash, stubbornness, flack, spell, come at, onrush, disease, endeavour, shooting, mark, disfigure, bang, eruption, firing, ack-ack gun, ack-ack, the Blitz, spasm, aggression, flush, tanning, aggress, assail, harm, initiative, thrust, vandalism, fracas, light into, air strike, libel, disorder, dissent, defiance, labialise, hurt, set upon, impulse, denunciation, work, virus, sortie, insurgency, insurrection, apoplexy, diatribe, go to, start, recalcitrance, set about, fervidness, pound, fusillade, fury, collapse, go for, disability, condition, dive in, bam, assist, twinge, endeavor, intrusion, bombing, round, storm, all, aggregate, glide path, case, round out, fervency, beset, approach shot, bury, infection, scarify, temerity, set on, have at, besiege, get down to, sharpshoot, go at, chalk something up, charge, flack catcher, harry, slander, siege, outbreak, overture, surge, barbarity, malaise, swoop, wade in, hammer, sally, try, offence, blow, strike at, complaint, good time, oncoming, confrontation, ardour, censure, seizure, polish up, affront, mug, war, tackle, fervor, destructiveness, riot, plan of attack, illness, infirmity, combat, push, brutality, handicap, blitz, insolence, crime, flaming, fall on, damage, foray, flare-up, sail into, complication, effort, episode, commotion, flak.

shelter, resistance, guard, arrest, uphold, sustain, defensive, withstand, protection, opposition, resist, remission, shield, support, defend, security, aid, befriend, relief, defense, cover, protect.

Examples of usage:

1) No, he will not attack us. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Stas understood that death did not have to wait for a third attack to take her and he expected it any day or any hour. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) We were prepared to attack game. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.