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Spell check of garner

Correct spelling: garner

group, reap, annex, attain, bulk, earn, fetch, carry, pull together, foregather, gather up, roll up, come by, pick, get together, wrangle, take in, clear, constellate, corral, harvest, capture, incur, acquire, lump, tuck, accumulate, assume, accrue, pile up, pick up, compile, bring in, purchase, assemble, cumulate, congregate, make, pocket, pull in, amass, buy, land, add, lure, hoard, conglomerate, bag, realize, extract, call for, win, pull down, round up, draw, hive, agglomerate, score, gather, catch, take, procure, granary, meet, forgather, obtain, crop, secure, receive, palm, net, glean, knock down, claim, cull, gain, collect, corner, get, realise, pucker, concentrate, retrieve, aggregate, heap.

disperse, dissipate, hand over, disband, scatter, give up, dispel, surrender, send, break up, relinquish, dissolve, yield, forfeit, pay, distribute, give, split, dismiss, part, spread, grant, separate, accord, sever, lose, disintegrate.

Examples of usage:

1) Richard S. Garner, the noted authority on apes and monkeys, believes that the time has already come for the establishment of a school for their education. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

2) Garner told recently of an exceptionally intelligent ape, named Susie, whose home used to be at the Zoological Park, under the care of the Zoological Society, and he claimed that Susie could speak " in her own language" at least five words. - "The Human Side of Animals", Royal Dixon.

3) This regulation relieves want without pauperising, the common garner merely serving as a compulsory savings bank. - "Through the Malay Archipelago", Emily Richings.