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Spell check of bulge

Correct spelling: bulge

step forward, overhang, knob, place, commence, start out, stick up, stand out, blow, step to the fore, startle, salience, intumescency, growth, emerge, excess, bubble, ball, bristle with, bowl, turn up, depart, take up, set off, protrude, protuberance, tuberosity, bag, pouch, hummock, down, bunch, pop out, embark on, rise, jump, coil, begin, issue, jut out, bulb, swarm with, appear, egress, pour down, fall out, push through, leap, swelling, stick out, get, pop up, boss, increase, distention, set out, jut, superiority, step up, bunching, vantage, lump, bolt down, upsurge, protuberate, come to the fore, superfluity, nodule, advantage, draw, whip hand, tumefaction, point, edge, come forth, pocket, tumor, crop up, seethe, drop, gibbosity, over, convex, turn out, promontory, flange, go, abound, prominence, gibbousness, puffiness, protuberant, balloon, dilation, bagginess, nodulation, egg, set forth, jutting, overflow, toss off, expulsion, pop, sac, surge, spurt, excrescence, part, upswing, catbird seat, get down, come forward, come out, go forth, ridge, upper hand, originate, sagging, bulk, salient, brim, protrusion, belt down, wart, stead, project, bug out, bulging, explosion, circle, horn, better, inside track, come in, pull, intumescence, start, belly, convexity, come on, bulge out, band, high ground, set about, come out of the closet, rib, burst out, crescent, out, show up, initiate, start up, knot, get going, lead off, run over, take off, extrusion, surface, projection, bump, cone, break through, hump, outgrowth, beetle, appendage, erupt, prominent, swell, drink down.

obstacle, imbalance, clog, indentation, lurch, disadvantage, setback, shortcoming, disparity, trench, gouge, indenture, concavity, valley, bowl, crater, embarrassment, detriment, strike, furrow, shackle, notch, depression, stop, recess, liability, impediment, pocket, failing, drawback, hollow, pit, check, let, stranglehold, bar, penalty, cavity, hindrance, dimple, dint, handicap, minus, groove, impression, rub, well, trammel, catch, dip, obstruction, concave, basin, inequality, crimp, unevenness, dent, interference, manacle, hitch, trough, impairment, disability, hurdle, indent.

Examples of usage:

1) At the equator the centrifugal force is directly opposed to the force of gravity, and in effect diminishes it, so that, comparatively, there is an excess of gravity at the poles which compresses the earth along its axis and causes it to bulge out at the equator until a balance is thus restored. - "A Text-Book of Astronomy", George C. Comstock.

2) Sometimes, when I can't stand it any longer, I take a train to some little station and go out and lie flat down on the grass on my back, so that I can't see anything but sky; then I can almost imagine myself back again where the lone old peaks bulge against the sky. - "Rose of Dutcher's Coolly", Hamlin Garland.

3) This gave the whole transaction a touch of the romantic, and suggested possible " hold- ups" in a way to set Monty's eyes a- bulge. - "The Brass Bound Box", Evelyn Raymond.