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Spell check of earn

Correct spelling: earn

enlighten, create, move in, take, clear, exhaust, put on, take a crap, adopt, money, nominate, attain, establish, come by, reach, watch, light up, piddle, befool, crystalize, prepare, cod, clear up, carry, fix, take-in, score, soak up, get ahead, invite, puddle, get, recover, catch, achieve, accept, gather in, produce, illuminate, understand, sop up, form, get in, give, obtain, pocket, exculpate, assimilate, deserve, gain, make up, acquire, get to, dominate, realise, derive, overcome, ready, ascend, suck up, have, name, lay down, pull ahead, do, relieve oneself, pass water, land, spend, pull down, collect, take up, spend a penny, make headway, acquit, reap, cause, work, exonerate, constitute, hold, dupe, arrive at, procure, introduce, wee-wee, crystallize, sack up, authorise, unclutter, claim back, pull together, stimulate, cash in, discharge, take a leak, advance, knock down, make water, monetize, sort out, brighten, make believe, attract, bring, get together, seduce, win, agnize, induce, succeed, make, repay, find, pull-in, slang, accomplish, authorize, master, straighten out, draw, net, progress to, gain ground, suck in, fetch, overhear, cook, put one across, crystalise, fulfill, see, recognize, pretend, benefit, pee-pee, pull, bag, pass, put one over, crystallise, take a shit, assoil, top, build, yield, actualise, solve, gull, sack, realize, rate, elucidate, pick up, stool, prevail, return, triumph, imbibe, ca-ca, consume, throw, grasp, recognise, gather, consummate, surmount, substantiate, bring in, agnise, capture, hit, fool, micturate, pay, ingest, view, actualize, compass, receive, profit, absorb, gross, shed light on, wee, secure, construct, merit, draw in, garner, appropriate.

relinquish, surrender, forfeit, accord, let go, miss, abandon, pay, give up, part, hand over, lose, grant, give, yield, fail.

Examples of usage:

1) But now he was better, and one day started west to earn the money the squire of Hopsville had promised him. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Anyway, a man must decide for himself what his career will be, and if he won't let me, I'll earn the money and go without his letting me. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) To earn the money and then go. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.