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Spell check of find

Correct spelling: find

get down, stick, drive, describe, play, track down, mold, visualise, sense, bring, get word, endure, come on, contract, figure, chance on, ensure, detect, stimulate, come about, consider, baffle, breakthrough, appraise, let, fancy, key, notice, catch out, prevail, situate, discover, honour, picture, have, bob up, cause, distinguish, run into, key out, construe, hap, square off, name, queue up, experience, alight on, decide, invite, take on, convey, discern, miracle, mother, set, produce, acquire, take chances, see to it, see, commence, strike, determine, puzzle, gain, gamble, ascertain, become, nonplus, find out, kick downstairs, regard, remark, keep, realise, trace, watch over, watch, call up, take, rule, scrape, control, generate, disinter, stupefy, regulate, deduce, light on, unriddle, expose, classic, bring out, aline, draw, the sublime, witness, see the light, feel, understand, demote, take place, image, catch, acknowledge, make, note, come up with, discovery, comprehend, unwrap, spot, place, uncovering, recoup, station, hazard, get, dream, surface, amaze, hit on, model, mark, lift, get hold, decree, suffer, pose, establish, run a risk, beat, marvel, fix, assure, view, nurse, come across, hear, allow, influence, line-up, obtain, let on, dominate, squeeze in, go on, settle, uncover, educe, bechance, rein, bonanza, arrest, chance, aim, take note, put, arise, encounter, rally, specify, celebrate, light upon, ferret out, dislodge, start, palpate, scratch, attain, chance upon, bewilder, fall upon, dumbfound, limit, denudation, read up on, thoroughbred, muster up, pay off, materialize, phenomenon, pass, windfall, go out, shape, teach, fall out, start out, sum up, run across, acquisition, come upon, think, attend, go up, pronounce, conclude, visualize, solve, follow, relegate, go back, project, realize, hold, recall, stripping, look, adjust, locate, baring, square up, engender, remember, resolve, insure, unmask, respect, finger, dig up, elicit, bump into, perplex, maintain, walk away with, adventure, burn, taste, arrive at, uprise, descry, keep an eye on, bump, honor, sustain, dig out, check, get under one's skin, risk, capture, give away, accept, unravel, unearth, recollect, envision, mention, buzz off, take a chance, harness, recognize, happen on, reveal, tingle, come up, go steady, stumble on, arbitrate, happen, sentence, abide by, measure, lay, spare, inspiration, take in, assess, flummox, gravel, masterpiece, learn, stumble across, go through, arrive, pick up, summon, ascend, ascertainment, husking, bugger off, disclose, observe, move up, go, overflow, reign, adjudicate, convalesce, come down, map, point out, rise up, induce, mystify, dress, befall, infer, escort, identify, give up to, retrieve, queue, align, divulge, call back, recover, possess, fit in, let out, post, begin, fathom, predominate, mediate, beget, work out, gather, comment, examine, invent, welcome, referee, visit, grow, find oneself, break, materialise, incur, know, come by, set out, conceive, recuperate, get a line, pay back, govern, knock, meet, get wind, tumble on, pinpoint, position, reclaim, reckon, conceptualize, scrape up, make up one's mind, rise, take care, scram, judge, develop, happen upon, finding, father, date, come, pass off, undergo, get together, define, derive, put aside, bring forth, sire, vex, occur, set about, muster, fetch, regain, receive, interpret.


Examples of usage:

1) At the same time I had to find another Goddess in a hurry. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) We do not find it so. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

3) It's a good thing when they find it out in time- as I have done. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.