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Spell check of fan

Correct spelling: fan

a/c, head, manifold, air, bug, propeller, devotee, air conditioner, convector, connecting rod, braid, glove compartment, generator, shake, binding, horn, wing, light, freak, caramel, speedometer, section, fender, air conditioning, gearbox, shock absorber, prove, extend, outstretch, supporter, rooter, corsage, odometer, blade, burner, swing, radiator, unroll, afficionado, junkie, patron, confirm, differential, lover, catch, windshield, stretch, rock, air-conditioned, clutch, addict, winnow, boiler, sports fan, man, move, triangle, buff, fanatic, certify, marabou, pyramid, chassis, show, fool, hound, choke, cull out, blaze, ignition, crankcase, maven, catch fire, vane, wave, dehumidifier, caramel brown, spread, exhaust, bearings, point to, steering wheel, face, unfold, cylinder, taillights, distributor, dashboard, oscillate, evangelist, enthusiast, raw sienna, agitator, follower, spark plug, validate, ventilator, transmission, gearshift, plane, kindle, nut, fiend, go up, beading, aficionado, yellowish brown, accelerator, crankshaft, support, connoisseur, bounce, brake, habitué, bumper, vibrate, sector, wobble, zealot, flounce, flame, cowl, sway, burn, cooler, blower, carburetor, gear, maniac, piston, flutter, buffer, fin, central heating, cord, camshaft, ignite, muffler, frill, fancier, assert, hood.

carper, critic, detractor.

Examples of usage:

1) This arrangement does away with the necessity of passing the stock through a fan and is approved by the Insurance Companies. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

2) " Are you my Papa," she said, " and do not even know that I am your own little Fan? - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.