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Spell check of hurdle

Correct spelling: hurdle

constipation, entanglement, surmount, bound, mire, bank vault, manacle, block, burden, obstruction, restriction, frustration, bar, negotiate, rise, bafflement, encumbrance, tangle, impedance, damper, blinders, let, hindrance, constraint, thrive, problem, embarrassment, impasse, catch, bit, burial vault, obstacle, congestion, resistance, move, jump, crimp, flat racing, vault, blockade, barricade, hamper, difficulty, complication, fetter, harness, inconvenience, wall, traverse, trammel, barrier, going, impediment, double, restraint, capriole, bung, interference, stop, opposition, spring, choke, stumbling block, flat race, horseflesh, dam, deterrent, snarl, skip, delay, leap, blockage, interruption, halter, bottleneck, clear, crop, handicap, disadvantage, earthwork, clog, furlong, holdback, help, horsewhip, predicament, hop, girth, inhibition, bridle, fly, brake, jam, stay, dive, plug, balk, entrapment, drawback, chain, cramp, fence, shackles, drag, dressage, open, pounce, snag, stoppage, gymkhana.

spur, stimulant, benefit, aid, goad, help, advantage, incentive, break, impetus, edge, handmaiden, catalyst, boost, stimulus, assistance.

Examples of usage:

1) Perhaps Eden should become the next step for the E, the next hurdle he must cross. - "Eight Keys to Eden", Mark Irvin Clifton.

2) Go and fetch some more men and a hurdle, and the boy might run for the doctor. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.

3) He stirred a little before they came back with the hurdle, and she took his uninjured hand, and pressed it firmly and kindly, and told him it was " all right," he would feel better presently. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.