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Spell check of defect

Correct spelling: defect

notch, scarcity, blight, impurity, foment, deform, capitulate, excrescency, forgo, abandon, disavow, misconception, blemish, deformity, discoloration, agitate, lack, excess, misconstruction, scantness, sin, abrasion, faultiness, better, gap, geological fault, flaw, backslide, quit, weak point, tergiversate, patch, error, misjudgment, distort, daub, drawback, deficiency, evacuate, blister, dent, knot, spoil, bring down, blunder, hurt, weal, demerit, foible, renounce, distortion, injury, destabilize, paucity, kink, give up, defacement, scar, abrade, stain, approach, damage, speck, scab, blotch, tarnish, leave, faulting, underage, mar, failing, imperfection, incompleteness, disfigure, blur, lesion, discolor, spot, chase, stigma, deny, infirmity, unsoundness, rift, demonstrate, twist, mark, shortcoming, rat, soil, excrescence, eyesore, relinquish, nick, surrender, dislodge, typo, sore, disclaim, gash, disfigurement, scuff, wart, inaccuracy, desert, vice, scrape, aberration, spoilage, splotch, insufficiency, chip, frailty, blacklist, boycott, beautiful, blindness, abdicate, smirch, brand, apostatize, bug, pockmark, dot, dishonor, weakness, withdraw, oversight, taint, poverty, scarceness, misprint, Achilles' heel, abnegate, mistake, fracture, disgrace, retract, cross, help, shortfall, break, desolate, scantiness, reproach, forsake, falsehood, shortage, trust, check, resign, blind spot, renegade, deface, blot, deficit, vacate, miscalculation, scratch, slit, discontinue, betray, slip, score, drop, hack, inadequacy, waive, disown, release, fault, seam, fleck, turn, gaffe, fallacy, misestimation, shed, freckle, shift.

adornment, embellishment, enhancement, decoration, ornament.

Examples of usage:

1) The defect is the same, but Government has it in larger measure. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) If there be any defect in the picture it is usually a defect of execution, not of conception. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) Repentance has one great defect in my eyes: it never comes till after the wrong- doing. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.