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Spell check of chip

Correct spelling: chip

kerf, disk, dapple, rollover, cut off, pelf, turn, lolly, tarnish, bridgeware, eccentric person, accelerated graphics port, hack, imperfection, halt, combat, tick, secede, fly the coop, snowflake, indent, knock, hook, hindrance, blotch, eyesore, deform, change, blight, currency, lucre, impurity, cut short, fight, kink, lam, act, bit, shekels, interrupt, hinderance, moola, scale, cross, break out, oddball, run away, home fries, scrape, bridle, lop off, handicap, defacement, chipping, auxiliary device, deformity, spoil, gold, long green, dive, starting price, bunk, turn tail, damage, come off, cash, snick, hightail it, freckle, accelerator card, fracture, taster, bank check, splint, routine, checkout, buffalo chip, jackpot, ADC, wart, stigma, sore, tab, confirmation, crumble, belligerent, scuff, backhand, minute, scar, chit, spoilage, back end, cut out, break, poker chip, stoppage, dandruff, blemish, fault, fraction, piece, dot, disfigure, play, disintegrate, trace, paring, stain, breakage, speck, pass, fighting, winnings, aggressive, substantiation, fries, rap, spall, crisp, bucks, break short, rift, take to the woods, slit, cabbage, patch, angry, kitty, hurt, run, cut, chips, abrasion, eccentric, cow dung, indentation, loot, legal tender, mo, spot, latke, snap off, hostile, morsel, second, scratch, abrade, pockmark, chop off, moment, hitch, fleck, shard, wampum, deterrent, number, arrest, a bit, speckle, distort, part, corner, check mark, chip off, blot, cheque, scab, base hardware, discolor, Saratoga chip, scarper, scat, ball, shoot, verification, bus, cow chip, lesion, catch, nick, kale, jacket potato, micro chip, score, mar, a little, escape, break away, fall apart, token, tender, curb, rubbish, gash, smash, impediment, green, mark, break up, hint, fragment, stake, check, burnout, check-out procedure, sliver, silicon chip, French fries, splotch, assay, stop, bruise, kick, marker, blast, amputate, truculent, drawback, detach, dribble, stay, balk, deface, bite, hash browns, shaving, go over, counter, dough, needful, discoloration, distortion, weal, geek, smart money, taint, splinter, defect, delivery, discontinue, notch, splintering, sample, scrap, potato chip, come away, microchip, baked potato, coin, burn, disfigurement, blister, flaw, break off, maculation, A drive, head for the hills, indenture, knap, flake, disrupt, baulk, shatter, trash, bread, chip shot, jack, go off, brand, strike at, mash, AGP.

chunk, slab, hunk, lump.

Examples of usage:

1) Its purpose is to let the chip get clear of the vessel's wake. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) The principle of the chip log is that each division of the log line bears the same ratio to a nautical mile that the log glass does to the hour. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) Well, we'll leave him to it, and when his money runs out we'll chip in. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.