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Spell check of fracture

Correct spelling: fracture

rupture, burnout, reveal, lesion, dissect, breakage, eyesore, impurity, switch, blemish, break, soften, recrudesce, help, weal, bring out, severance, splotch, crush, open frame, disseverment, injury, intermission, spoil, slack, interrupt, jailbreak, breaking, scissure, go against, expose, bankrupt, suspension, give away, erupt, stigma, respite, disclose, geological fault, disruption, conk out, distort, stop, speck, deface, fail, spoilage, traduce, breakout, notch, fissure, divulge, break up, slip, falling out, fling, disrupt, hack, kick downstairs, defect, wart, pass, wear, come apart, check, fleck, relegate, chemise, shifting, wear out, reshuffle, intermit, good luck, time out, brand, defacement, cracking, burn, teddy, blister, snap off, prisonbreak, sore, cave in, cranny, break out, break away, pause, mistake, pockmark, creak, damage, concussion, scar, rend, scratch, contravene, discover, give way, loss, tarnish, mortify, let on, offer, crumble, self-injury, drawback, collapse, splinter, tornado, kink, better, demote, faulting, snap, transmutation, die, abrade, chap, error, discoloration, demerit, smash, sally, destroy, let out, transformation, blot, shift key, dismember, shimmy, sprain, bruise, get around, distortion, dissolve, shatter, scab, degenerate, infract, transgress, work shift, putrefy, sack, taint, chip, damp, gash, sever, break dance, scrape, gap, mark, duty period, whirl, fragment, discontinue, develop, discolor, imperfection, poach, fault, bruising, spot, disfigurement, shiver, rive, split up, split, separate, cleft, interruption, recess, rot, crack cocaine, flaw, crevice, break off, breakup, unwrap, decompose, shot, score, burst, disjunction, weaken, quip, cashier, give, go bad, breach, offend, part, rift, dislocation, switching, cleavage, demolish, deformity, shift, break down, dampen, deform, scuff, founder, freckle, blight, wound, turn, get out, malaise, dot, blotch, nick, distintegrate, go, displacement, break in, anatomize, sunder, violate, hurt, co-opt, disintegrate, gaolbreak, fall in, happy chance, fall apart, give out, break of serve, wisecrack, disfigure, ruin, abrasion, prison-breaking, mar, bust, bump, decay, stain, slit, infringe.

follow, observe, recondition, bind, attach, comply, renovate, repair, serve, listen, hear, note, heal, join, conform, rebuild, submit, unite, notice, defer, secure, doctor, watch, mind, mend, yield, attend, regard, reconstruct, fix, patch, weld, obey, surrender, heed, fasten, mark, solder.

Examples of usage:

1) " The Charge d'Aff-" I made one spring at him, but he slammed the door to, and before I could reach the lobby, I heard him rolling from top to bottom of the oak staircase, making noise enough in his fall to account for the fracture of every bone in his body. - "The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete", Charles James Lever (1806-1872).

2) MacLure escaped with a broken leg and the fracture of three ribs, but he never walked like other men again. - "Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush", Ian Maclaren.

3) Toughness, as understood by road- builders, is the adhesion between the crystal and fine particles of a rock, which gives it power to resist fracture when subjected to the blows of traffic. - "The Future of Road-making in America", Archer Butler Hulbert.