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Spell check of heavy

Correct spelling: heavy

menacing, brochure, built, magnate, portly, intense, choppy, pedestrian, terrible, ponderous, oppressive, casual, mogul, with child, beefy, turbulent, weighted, warm, forbidding, concierge, almighty, lumpish, dirty, levelheaded, crowded, considerable, automatically, full, uphill, sullen, sweaty, easy, tropical, momentous, frugal, ungainly, unwieldy, monochromatic, minatory, demanding, ample, ferocious, busy, roiled, significant, healthy, hazy, violent, clumsy, wide, intemperately, straining, cramped, glowering, comic book, wild, mind-numbing, rich, humdrum, flat, operose, muggy, authority figure, toilsome, villain, bulky, worrying, surface, dusty, brief, expectant, threatening, stodgy, sodden, top-heavy, boiling, jading, moiling, moody, crisp, biweekly, searing, comic, gravid, heartrending, celebratory, bleak, overweight, low-pitched, sit-down, inhuman, intractable, packed, broadsheet, glum, explosive, reasoned, gruelling, enormous, the matter, tall, weighty, antiaircraft, load, bounteous, bountiful, cream, plangent, accented, hulking, apathetic, long-range, elephantine, tough, drudging, indifferent, hardscrabble, quick, plain, good, dense, backbreaking, give, sarcoid, boot-cut, powerful, red-hot, unsounded, robotic, inedible, pick-and-shovel, punishing, sorrowful, herculean, steep, doe-eyed, strong, clouded, hollow, fierce, vehement, freshwater, damp, confused, uncoordinated, pressing, heavy-footed, laden, eminence, well-grounded, button-through, sonorous, intolerable, onerous, baleful, gatekeeper, knotty, distressing, uncomfortable, backless, difficult, murderous, puissant, knockout, voluminous, profuse, troublesome, stiff, high, cruel, cloggy, broad, thick, tiresome, acute, cumbrous, weighed down, wooden, abstruse, doorkeeper, fundamental, wet, nett, deep, plentiful, cloudy, chewy, numbing, bloodshot, subdued, plenitudinous, deep-set, rotund, middleweight, ominous, fiercely, attack dog, plodding, agonising, heavy-laden, compact, bitter, tumultuous, heightened, jerky, dead weight, hideous, heartbreaking, gone, viscid, baggy, indigestible, unhappy, sad, gravitational, extreme, labored, plenteous, great, lumpy, unattractive, bug-eyed, flagitious, scorching, concentrated, lush, strained, unsettling, mightily, effortful, complicated, acrimonious, crippling, influential, severe, alfresco, cordless, atrocious, voiceless, ingestion, wicked, saturnine, unvoiced, nonnuclear, bodyguard, grueling, beady, unseasonable, rigorous, back issue, fluvial, loaded, extensive, arid, jejune, odorless, keen, unforeseen, telling, boggy, huge, satisfying, old, formidable, thorny, hellacious, unnatural, resonant, teeming, cool, life-threatening, solemn, stout, overburdened, pebbly, intensive, luxuriant, burning, deep-sea, analog, melancholy, substantial, automatic, beefeater, expecting, dangerous, strenuous, awful, calorific, wearying, hard, roily, massive, esoteric, gamekeeper, light, earnest, obese, clever, chapped, wakeless, generous, ho-hum, rank, large, worrisome, strange, cogent, inclement, dreadful, minacious, potent, cross-eyed, grim, excruciating, dark, tiring, testing, button-down, legal, impenetrable, corpulent, clayey, tempestuous, soggy, of import, sultry, heavy-duty, pregnant, alluvial, sound, fresh, level-headed, raging, brutal, overcast, weary, hulky, auxiliary, VIP, rough, agonizing, complex, desperate, fearful, congested, uneasy, bruiser, odorous, close-set, excess, stale, chilled, to a great extent, back copy, exigent, chronic, clockwork, colorless, copious, hardhanded, convulsive, exquisite, monstrous, caramelized, husky, awkward, laborious, briny, laboured, vexatious, burdensome, trying, fearsome, distressful, challenging, humid, hefty, bulletin, custodian, recondite, density, vicious, dumb, buoyant, wistful, jammed, mighty, labourious, harsh, figure, bad, heavyweight, gelatinous, set, bass, frightful, back number, chalky, slow, crispy, hearty, caught, tedious, stressed, drag, lumbering, heavily, intemperate, doughy, best, bulging, hazed, abundant, important, cumbersome, angry, broken, net, profound, coastal, dour, low, A-line, calm, sedate, slap-up, flinty, drab, chunky, exacting, tight, dim, fleshy, troubling, unsightly, mild, serious, intelligent, anti-personnel, marshy, two-fisted, solid, obscure, prime mover, achy, disturbing, gloomy, impossible, hot, effectual, dry, scalding, beclouded, grievous, homesick, buttery, redolent, obtuse, balmy, loaded down, big, blistering, leaden, taxing, bowed down, enceinte, unfathomed, perturbing, listless, wearisome, unappealing, dull, peaty, odoriferous, live, dire, arduous, surd, tame, right, stormy, lightweight, clean, Augean, raw, sober, nuclear, ghastly, grotesque, morose, widely, counterweight, anti-tank, dejected, conventional, delicate, monotonous, uninteresting, critical, stuffy, lowering, lightly, mover and shaker, dreary, dismal, leading light, argillaceous, ugly, sinister, hazel, dead, clear, miserable, grave, claustrophobic, furious, welterweight, unplumbed, rugged, sour, fat, overclouded, caretaker, clingy.

light, gossamery, endurable, mesmerizing, casual, sunshiny, enthralling, captivating, nonindulgent, lively, slight, marvelous, comfortable, achievable, accessible, simple, empty, small, insubstantial, energizing, astounding, diminished, thrilling, rip-roaring, attracting, fooling, peaceful, dazzling, insignificant, genial, qualified, cheap, entertaining, luxurious, lessened, pleasant, alluring, abated, hair-raising, silly, barren, moderate, gradual, calm, snug, undersized, animating, inexpert, unfit, anonymous, diet, powerless, incompetent, tolerable, astonishing, surprising, inspiring, engrossing, galvanizing, alleviated, clement, stirring, cloudless, obscure, Mickey Mouse, impotent, ineffective, easy, amusing, unseasoned, bewitching, light-footed, invigorating, wondrous, gossamer, involving, airy, soft, lean, feathery, relaxing, hospitable, tantalizing, friendly, bearable, suspenseful, underweight, reposeful, superficial, flimsy, lightly-armed, engaging, subdued, user-friendly, toned, touching, nonpregnant, incapable, eye-opening, clear, lightweight, arresting, sunny, breathtaking, mindless, radiant, manageable, weak, riveting, absorbing, interesting, slimming, buoyant, light-armed, trivial, attractive, exciting, intriguing, lit, nonfat, doable, lite, illuminated, infirm, miscarrying, strict, low-density, thin, weightless, frivolous, agreeable, aborting, shallow, diverting, brightened, cozy, smooth, awesome, sensational, virtuous, natural, stimulating, nonfattening, poignant, provocative, spellbinding, painless, uncomplicated, brilliant, unimportant, floaty, enlivening, fluffy, feeble, amazing, ethereal, lighter-than-air, loose, sunlit, charming, lightened, uncelebrated, moving, illumined, helpless, unqualified, infertile, inept, unskillful, moderated, digestible, minor, soothing, spectacular, undemanding, balmy, fabulous, beguiling, little, plain, light-duty, relaxed, restful, wonderful, decreased, nameless, unskilled, comforting, fascinating, reduced, gripping, electrifying, unserious, eased, facile, delivered, elementary, temperate, gentle, mild, enchanting, effortless, frail, rousing, unknown, entrancing, shiny, exhilarating.

Examples of usage:

1) She lifted her heavy eyes. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) Still later, a heavy fall of snow compelled us to camp. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) You get the land at cost value, and a heavy charge on that, while I do the work? - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.