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Spell check of expand

Correct spelling: expand

hit the roof, scatter, add up, reckon, fatten, soar, detonate, blow up, fan out, dilate, climb, hyperbolize, aggrandize, increase, flare, project, beef up, outspread, plump out, lard, permeate, smash, upsurge, brokerage, open, build, compute, appreciate, stretch out, rotate, business, run up, spread, blow one's stack, set out, rarify, cannibalize, plump, put across, billow, rise, up, get ahead, capacity, sprawl, raise, embroider, fill out, spill over, throw a fit, compound, exaggerate, flourish, fly high, hold out, illustrate, cover, diffuse, overdraw, spread out, outstretch, balloon, mature, widen, dramatize, puff, accumulate, string out, din, fan, account, stretch forth, develop, broaden, distend, protract, augment, upgrade, explode, lose one's temper, accelerate, boom, business plan, exposit, refine, round, pervade, work out, turn out, roll up, explain, run through, prolong, elongate, disperse, flesh out, boom out, lead, supersize, escalate, fat, puff up, prosper, swell, set forth, draw out, strain, run, add, determine, blow a fuse, embellish, bulk out, estimate, set off, scale up, burgeon, puff out, magnify, assess, lengthen, expatiate, beauty parade, extend, flip one's lid, hype, pump up, clarify, engorge, outgrow, wax, flip one's wig, unfold, grow, snowball, gain, double, enlarge, stoke, elevate, lay out, mount, mushroom, combust, go ballistic, build up, hit the ceiling, go, blast, calculate, dissipate, overstate, carry, flesh, proliferate, boost, labor, lucubrate, thicken, amplify, poke out, multiply, aggrandise, complicate, asset, dramatise, heighten, increment, unfurl, thunder, reinforce, nail, exsert, expound, book, count, fatten up, define, pass, prove, put out, distribute, interpret, have a fit, move, splay, offer, fatten out, fly off the handle, gallop, continue, wave, advance, reach out, unroll, pad, stretch, broking, brandish, thrive, maximize, inflate, have kittens, accrue, elaborate.

constrict, cut, reduce, contract, abbreviate, outline, de-escalate, downsize, epitomize, close, compact, lessen, decrease, foreshorten, abate, fold, cut down, condense, amputate, sum up, lower, cut back, abridge, retrench, minify, wane, curtail, shorten, summarize, compress, boil down, subtract, dwindle, diminish, recede, shrink.

Examples of usage:

1) Gradually their thoughts are disengaged from what is trivial, and expand to take in the designs of the Eternal Mind. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) As the boat glides away with them, they all seem to expand into greater size and strength; and a vast ship meets them, on the deck of which, in giant proportions, stands " the man we loved." - "A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'", Alfred Gatty.

3) On details this man couldn't go wrong- he would keep my part of the work practical, whereas I knew I was relied upon to see in what new paths this manufacturing company could be made to expand and develop. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.