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Spell check of branch

Correct spelling: branch

sort out, wing, arriviste, abutment, split, amalgamation, bottom, attachment, jointure, cell, classify, pitchfork, crown, get-go, charter member, sleeve, bayou, counterbalance, alumnus, differentiate, bond, bough, bed, slit, ramify, forking, runner, take apart, merger, ramification, chloroplast, start, antecedents, divide, offshoot, weapon system, half, break up, classification, affixation, ancestor, outpost, subsection, the civil service, severalize, affiliation, growth, department, pegleg, divisional, cataract, discriminate, tell apart, arm, territory, juxtaposition, scion, bud, junction, break down, dichotomy, adjacency, conjunction, cut, synergy, confluence, halfway, beginning, outgrowth, field, descent, fall apart, customer services, stolon, limb, influent, alliance, peg, academician, desk, dissever, set-back, rupture, section, sphere, halve, single out, fig leaf, stage, splice, commencement, axe, commissioner, part, confederate, cleavage, line, weapon, hemisphere, class, furcate, complication, feeder, bark, relationship, dependency, process, channel, cleave, council, offset, screen off, catkin, secernate, run, come apart, realm, adherence, carve up, category, offset printing, fork, meeting, coupling, brook, tributary, break, separate, bisection, domain, area, sever, sort, baby, member, severalise, leg, tree branch, first, secern, backwater, bight, affiliate, cascade, fissure, consolidation, corporation, kickoff, creek, complexify, disassemble, rip, subdivide, acquisitions, administration, tear, ancestry, split up, agency, subsidiary, disunite, blossom, service, distinguish, wedding, directorate, core, bole, forebear, fathers, derivative, back office, subdivision, local, outset, connection, scene, bisect, descendant, bifurcation, Corp., wooden leg, family tree, sprig, setoff, division, dry, corm, annexation, chapter, departmental, marriage, connectedness, take down, forbear, tell, assort, office, appendage, specialty, confluent, half-and-half, starting time, emergence, affluent, rend, customs, discipline, branching, bifurcate, bureau, diverge, juncture, twig, associate, organ.

distributary, effluent.

Examples of usage:

1) From about 1811 to his death in 1840 he left one branch of his business in the city under the charge of a partner, while he himself lived and worked at Chiswick, whence the name the Chiswick Press by which the firm is still best known. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) Now that Nevis has shut down on him, I suppose he's going away to work on the new branch line until he can get hold of another place farther West and send for you. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) A branch struck him in the face and swept his hat away, but it had done its work and he decided that he was better rid of it. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.