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Spell check of function

Correct spelling: function

attend to, bring, snuff it, exertion, incline, social occasion, die hard, buy the farm, die, hightail it, lock, break, obligation, make, behave, lead, implement, act, thing, give way, conk, be given, run for, run low, extend, party, blend in, modus operandi, take to the woods, pass, scat, manipulation, bunk, constituent, act upon, number, dish out, lam, map, practice, section, travel, proceed, start, race, shape, lean, cash in one's chips, application, utilize, plump, post, conk out, blowout, portion, fit, dish, serve up, binge, go, powwow, flow, business, bit, exercise, go away, belong, get-together, fly the coop, draw, event, bleed, serve, live on, pop off, pass away, depart, break away, ferment, billet, decease, job, capacity, effect, execute, purpose, persona, shindig, attend, theatrical role, live, work out, break down, liaison, design, hold up, work on, endeavor, hunt, answer, agency, festivity, croak, wreak, kick the bucket, give-up the ghost, sour, federal agency, component part, last, faculty, subroutine, consumption, do, utility, routine, scarper, mesh, place, form, react, prevail, puzzle out, situation, survive, process, play, part, hunt down, blast, black market, guide, intention, forge, character, transact, wait on, exert, tend, range, juncture, blend, power, toil, reception, ladder, usage, procedure, task, gathering, unravel, gala, campaign, office staff, do work, go bad, region, utilisation, get going, lick, maneuver, amour, percentage, parting, ply, assist, give out, put to work, serve well, comport, suffice, employ, turn, knead, figure out, engage, labor, intent, position, affair, berth, fail, habit, feed, run, bash, economic consumption, influence, make for, use of goods and services, business office, intimacy, appear, enterprise, drop dead, perish, course, operate on, help, get, fete, track down, run short, solve, exit, operation, matter, authority, utilization, dish up, work, righteousness, subprogram, use, run away, manoeuvre, officiate, mapping, share, duty, service, bureau, expire, determination, accountability, escape, role, government agency, responsibility, move, connection, component, swear out, crop, locomote, voice, endure, control, consort, exploit, perpetrate, appointment, cultivate, usance, mould, apply, affaire, right, head for the hills, enjoyment, manoeuver, social function, celebration, perform, chromosome mapping, involvement, melt down, contribution, group, choke, division, aim, rifle, operate, piece, soiree, persist, office, conduct, turn tail, sound, occasion, spot, carry, mold, employment, melt, hold out, become, mathematical function.

avocation, malfunction, misfunction, joblessness, unemployment.

Examples of usage:

1) It is the function of the State to do it. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) This is too much division of function however for anarchists generally, and they would have every industrial group do its government as it did its business by general co- operation. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) He has resigned his function. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.