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Spell check of discover

Correct spelling: discover

fail, divulge, differentiate, account, spot, unveil, impinge on, celebrate, let loose, get around, study, incur, comprehend, bare, bring up, devise, collar, interpret, witness, visit, draw, receive, observe, secure, peck, come across, learn, consider, excise, tell apart, break up, founder, instruct, set, happen on, take in, scratch, strickle, snitch, take note, snap off, grip, root out, pause, escort, trace, evolve, retrieve, describe, unriddle, listen, attain, bankrupt, go, run into, follow, release, happen upon, contrive, go through, break away, dig out, watch over, determine, establish, get out, introduce, give way, gain, advert, interrupt, station, dampen, realize, expunge, run down, break down, encounter, fall apart, lift up, happen, fall, shine, turn around, intoxicate, maintain, kick downstairs, figure, name, breakthrough, take up, better, fall in, find oneself, cite, bust, recognise, ensnare, construe, accomplish, demote, wear, clutch, produce, give away, scout, key, show, lay hold of, smoke out, gain vigor, relegate, picture, obtain, fathom, read, keep, entrap, situate, go out, regain, seize, utter, arrive at, note, visualise, uplift, master, nab, conk out, exhibit, image, discern, spill, experience, move, mention, unearth, catch out, percolate, collect, come over, line, go steady, get a line, tell, take, visualize, nose out, get, peril, control, nominate, unclothe, severalise, educe, clasp, hunt, hit, widen, list, affect, light on, transgress, severalize, memorize, enter upon, come up, report, put out, date, impress, cave in, glimpse, rummage, regard, respect, realise, unmask, bump, pick out, light upon, turn up, invent, take heed, notice, rout, scare up, secernate, give out, impart, damp, elicit, secern, watch, ferret out, emit, pinpoint, give, keep an eye on, go against, digest, view, uncloak, fancy, chance, walk out, take hold of, discontinue, sense, gather up, cop, rat, locate, die, break in, unwrap, burst, attend, constitute, place, dredge, spy, call, Hear, erupt, get on, abide by, overtake, come to, get hold, come on, smash, get word, tell on, scupper, go bad, put, infract, hear of, develop, acquire, track, stop, unsheathe, ensure, violate, get wind, arrest, come apart, create, blab, descry, check, depict, find, remark, chance on, detect, rule, unbosom, weaken, wear out, solve, meet, soften, envision, gripe, wise, coin, achieve, meet with, identify, shop, appoint, collapse, separate, catch, acknowledge, mint, reach, apprehend, recrudesce, project, debunk, con, absorb, let out, display, sniff out, catch on, distinguish, ferret, recover, run across, find out, grasp, recognize, larn, come upon, break, see, teach, think of, diagnose, endanger, bring on, disclose, feel, let on, refer, ruin, chance upon, understand, perk, offend, point out, perceive, glean, post, honour, bring out, betray, ascertain, break out, take care, signalize, assimilate, intermit, smell, come up with, sight, undo, look, see to it, memorise, assume, comment, split up, assure, capture, reveal, stag, make, publish, explore, try, collide with, unravel, honor, strike, part, examine, get wind of, nail, dig up, key out, position, elate, expose, delineate, disinter, set off, line up, lay, mark, pick up, resonate, track down, reckon, call for, insure, root, look up, grass, make out, issue, uncover, break-dance, signalise, break off, denounce, perk up, split, fall upon, breach, luck into, fracture.

darken, overcast, misplace, disregard, ignore, let go, blanket, give up, throw away, overlook, gloss, curtain, varnish, misset, disguise, mislay, gild, befog, hide, blot out, eclipse, screen, pass over, mask, enshroud, shroud, bedim, cloak, shade, occult, camouflage, restore, whitewash, release, cover, veil, conceal, lose, obscure, overshadow, forget, fall short of, cloud, miss, unlearn, becloud.

Examples of usage:

1) Such, I repeat, are the objects I expect to discover; and it is in your presence I proceed to this examination. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Cook had discovered the cause, and Peary followed to discover the effect of that cause. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) As a matter of fact, he never did discover what became of his belt. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.