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Spell check of distinguish

Correct spelling: distinguish

distract, separate, choose, singularize, chance upon, fare, hump, divert, range, discriminate, come apart, unwrap, narrate, roll in the hay, cross out, call, have sex, get a line, compartmentalize, get wind, detect, discover, specify, depict, realise, report, line, blot, same, categorize, do it, say, check off, commemorate, nock, distribute, abstract, sort out, get by, digest, denounce, espy, sleep with, sensation, assure, fall apart, fleck, ennoble, perceive, be intimate, do, cut, recite, spy, write out, recount, point out, cope, divide, set apart, honor, behold, ID, let out, state, blob, get laid, delineate, mark off, view, manage, assail, agnise, grade, find, brand, split, mind, withdraw, sign, sight, select, have intercourse, carve up, work out, severalize, pinpoint, collate, eff, part, break up, set, define, check, assort, tag, happen upon, single, know, reveal, signalise, fill in, make, look, make out, collide, assault, sleep together, purloin, stand out, place, key out, compartment, respect, secernate, have a go at it, comprehend, fill out, get word, stigmatize, bed, attain, score, have it away, pit, blemish, fall upon, severalise, remark, neck, finger, chance on, break down, rank, come across, stigmatise, diagnose, divulge, disunite, eliminate, punctuate, see the light, get it on, tell apart, evidence, get along, pick up, jazz, order, bring out, enjoin, descry, make love, signify, issue, class, eye, accredit, recognize, give away, love, mark, perception, bonk, split up, learn, break, see, differentiate, list, take away, fork, furcate, demarcate, name, identify, individualize, steal, scar, kinaesthetic, notice, dissever, praise, strike off, peg, nominate, secern, come upon, specialise, contrast, recognise, have it off, catch, find out, mention, disagree, detach, cross off, note, bang, tell, signalize, exalt, let on, knowledge, branch, specialize, tick off, celebrate, pock, acknowledge, group, stick out, describe, key, keen, account, characterize, remove, cite, sift, greet, advert, lie with, appoint, deduce, sort, contend, discern, come, expose, refer, relegate, signal, complete, elevate, ramify, grapple, light upon, sense, classify, observe, trace, acute, tick, take, call attention, strike out, admire, bring up, vary, regard, label, make do, speciate, draw, type, deal, difference, strike, single out, codify, agnize, differ, hear, appropriate, spot, disclose, constitute, realize, pick out, understand, witness.

counterfeit, add, jumble, increase, disregard, mix, strengthen, overpass, disarrange, lump, complete, conjoin, hide, disguise, ignore, sham, mingle, confound, combine, conceal, miss, pass over, unite, camouflage, feign, restore, confuse, overlook, mistype, scramble, simulate, fill up, mistake, neglect.

Examples of usage:

1) Let other people distinguish themselves and pay the price; Jane Benton was distinguished naturally- effort was not necessary in her case. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) Well, he's not the kind of a man of promise, Uncle Ponsonboy is, who has been promising to distinguish himself for forty years. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) In such translators I can easily distinguish the hand which performed the work, but I cannot distinguish their poet from another. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.