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Spell check of ascertain

Correct spelling: ascertain

experience, mark, look on, notice, expose, prove, view, realise, root, instruct, retrieve, command, invent, look, rule, come across, specify, insure, go out, match, dig up, hold, make up one's mind, check up on, feel, take, examine, get hold, discipline, get wind, track, certify, dredge, happen, detect, hold in, observe, checker, turn back, bump, define, go over, arrest, find, memorise, demonstrate, set, go through, find out, fix, obtain, dig out, larn, interpret, keep in line, visit, curb, watch over, reassure, check out, catch, pick up, consider, image, ferret out, attend, check off, influence, guarantee, assure, encounter, chance, incur, catch out, learn, get a line, shape, agree, tell, realize, take care, promise, come up, manipulate, correspond, teach, tick, read, substantiate, cover, contain, stop, check, get, tally, look into, check over, tick off, picture, run across, receive, look out, take in, find oneself, audit, descry, confirm, determine, suss out, train, underwrite, catch on, envision, mold, turn up, run into, discover, mark off, rout, study, hunt, limit, go steady, ensure, construe, disclose, visualize, hold back, visualise, hit, settle, jibe, ferret, check into, condition, project, scout, follow, fit, operate, see to it, understand, escort, reckon, recover, master, regulate, date, square up, verify, watch, nose out, locate, figure, establish, secure, double-check, witness, regain, wise, see, acquire, delay, control, rummage, discern, gibe, meet, hear, fancy, regard, keep an eye on, scare up, break, decide, moderate, run down, chequer, watch out, con, get word, square off, get on, memorize, line up.

disregard, misset, blanket, curtain, screen, lose, mislay, misplace, veil, enshroud, conceal, cover, forget, miss, overlook, unlearn, pass over, mask, shroud, hide, blot out, occult, cloak, ignore.

Examples of usage:

1) Perhaps we may ascertain where it came from. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) And to me the most important reason was an eager desire to ascertain what might be discovered on a new trail farther west. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) " Any way," he rejoined, " we can ascertain it in the city. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.