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Spell check of clan

Correct spelling: clan

division, collection, unit, stock, coalition, persuasion, circle, gang, staff, brotherhood, kinsperson, battalion, caste, army, body, sister, heredity, detail, feather, wing, single-parent family, host, coterie, gaggle, cell, fleet, rogues' gallery, ring, genus, fold, flesh, relative, herd, motherhood, degree, tribe, mob, force, fellowship, aggregation, brother, league, platoon, breed, union, outfit, brand, band, make, classification, category, one-parent family, regiment, paternity, consanguinity, kinship, flock, school, pack, society, mother, sort, kinsfolk, nuclear family, club, uncle, folks, cousin, father, federation of tribes, class, relation, crew, strain, caucus, grade, fatherhood, style, label, crowd, sisterhood, cadre, mold, stamp, bevy, order, phalanx, litter, string, folk, nest, brigade, niece, house, drove, dynasty, phylum, galère, detachment, kinship group, species, line, ilk, kinfolk, lineage, nephew, race, covey, retinue, patriarchy, denomination, team, kingdom, party, taxonomy, maternity, genotype, kind, grain, troop, faction, stripe, network, level, hive, people, community, kin group, fraternity, association, ancestor, rank, squad, kindred, kin, step, type, clique, form, posse, coven, troupe, group, variety, lot, flesh and blood, designation, junta, cabal, moiety, bunch, blood, assemblage, aunt, company, complement, colony, kith and kin, set, series, assembly, family, sect.

descent, loner, extraction, birth, pedigree, origin, ancestry, individualist.

Examples of usage:

1) These households were probably smaller in each case than that of Abraham, and the famine in its early stages may have reduced the number of retainers; yet they account for much of what is pronounced incredible in the rapid expansion of the clan into a nation. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) It was always the same thing- the gathering song of the Clan of Donald the Black. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) Davey had no memory of hearing him sing the gathering song of the Clan of Donald the Black. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.