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Spell check of charm

Correct spelling: charm

work, catch up with, wand, seduction, becharm, bangle, exquisiteness, shapeliness, good luck charm, incantation, temptation, abracadabra, tour, engross, relax, decorousness, entreaty, contentment, amuse, mesmerize, gracefulness, kowtow, piece, loveliness, invitingness, bliss, charisma, culture, stylishness, horseshoe, divert, talisman, captivate, dalliance, see, beguile, fineness, pick up, gravitation, radiance, court, bead, coax, joyfulness, take hold of, neatness, come back, bewitch, intrigue, attraction, delight, allure, elixir, refinement, allurement, spellbind, act upon, duende, hoodoo, grace, dally, pizzazz, elegance, enchant, juju, coddle, catch on, grab, shape, sophistication, edge, hug, enamor, entrance, enticement, boom, determine, arcana, overtake, appeal, attractiveness, enrapture, crystal ball, clasp, pleasantness, hitch, entice, enamour, magic, nuzzle, seize, animal magnetism, witchery, witch, whammy, invite, gaiety, fairness, good, collection, fascination, appropriate, resplendence, romance, tempt, conquer, enlist, sway, merit, prophesy, jinx, glamour, magic spell, amour, delicacy, fetish, civility, cherish, brown-nose, magnetism, turn into, splendor, capture, spoon, advantage, grow on, cultivation, please, overhear, invocation, transport, stimulate, entertain, draw, trip up, serenade, like, influence, phylactery, broomstick, delectability, caress, captivation, grip, magnetise, rabbit's foot, revive, endearment, virtue, arrest, snuggle, jollity, lure, delightfulness, refresh, gorgeousness, endear, amusement, make love, fascinate, turn, hoodwink, handsomeness, privilege, call, invoke, good looks, seductiveness, traction, benefit, character, brightness, solicitation, tastefulness, while, change into, induce, entertainment, call up, glitz, love-making, implore, go, discrimination, picturesqueness, oomph, mojo, persuade, sorcery, scarab, asset, watch, force field, cheerfulness, classicalism, philter, bill and coo, liaison, favorableness, enthral, lighten, spooning, purism, get, pull, take in, come in, supernatural, cajole, transfix, amulet, sublimity, magnetize, bewitchment, facet, incentive, seduce, urge, drag, beauty, class, ogle, prettiness, mold, appealingness, trump card, prayer, cuddle, trance, regulate, glamor, wooing, attract, ingathering, bonniness, comeliness, enjoyment, splendidness, coquetry, conjure up, set, divining rod, taste, convince, evil eye, curse, flirt, crawl, enthrall, kiss, affinity, woo, catch, view, sightliness, setting, mascot, enchantment, pleasingness, dignity, hex, balancing act, superbness, spell, pleasurable, patch, agreeableness, lavaliere, courtship, breeding, propitiate, sunniness, the I Ching, ravish, mesmerise, conjuration, juggle, distract, wishbone, periapt, flirtation.

spell, curse, distastefulness, hoodoo, disagreeableness, repulsion, repulsiveness, hex, unpleasantness, jinx, offensiveness, obnoxiousness.

Examples of usage:

1) No charm will help, Amalia. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It is not as you think for one charm I give it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) It was I that needed the charm. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.