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Spell check of choker

Correct spelling: choker

dog collar, strangler tree, lei, throttler, pinch, apprehension, frill, ruff, leash, collar, ruffle, flounce, trumping, neck ruff, garrotter, clerical collar, garroter, furbelow, disturbance, taking into custody, fray, catch, strangler, affray, neckband, arrest.

Examples of usage:

1) There is not a man in the group who is not quite at his ease in ball- room attire; most of them have held acquaintance time and again with the white tie and stiff " choker" of conventionality, but the average gallant of metropolitan circles would turn up his supercilious nostrils at the bare suggestion were he to see them now. - "Marion's Faith.", Charles King.

2) Now he is the right kind of a dominie,- not all white choker and starch. - "From Jest to Earnest", E. P. Roe.