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Spell check of boom

Correct spelling: boom

peg, break, sonority, consumer confidence, ASA, knock down, blow up, nose drops, smack, bowsprit, bellow, capitalist, pier, commercialism, noise, uproar, sweep through, cop, gold rush, miraculous food, uproariousness, roaring, agronomics, gravy, beep, rap, scag, bow, bump, beam, holla, smash, come back, inflate, dilate, camcorder, cantilever, slam, pop, knock, report, hot spot, crepitation, nail down, catch on, pick up, pan gravy, bellowing, growl, cacophony, hollo, complete, hell dust, fashion statement, manna, din, apprehend, racket, clap, aft, stridency, wave, breeze through, clangor, expound, bridge, inflation, drawbridge, flesh out, whack, thunder, loudness, big H, grow on, expatiate, come in, nail, arrest, flap, blast, clang, camera, bonanza, flourish, smash up, deflation, buoyancy, nab, spread out, bang, manna from heaven, boom out, amplify, enlarge, boisterousness, bilge, bankrupt, demolish, magnet, get ahead, elaborate, fly high, rumble, blare, whump, extend, lucubrate, pinpoint, slap, increase, microphone boom, crush, prosper, profitability, developer, yield, credit crunch, commercial, snap, thump, burst, darkroom, boom and bust, footbridge, holler, noisiness, bang up, appeal, amidships, crucify, pillory, tap, ace, holloa, honk, revive, tumultuousness, ruin, sail through, whomp, arch, collar, aperture, fashion, blade, hollering, arbitrage, shoot, growth, aqueduct, click, yowl, go, roar, depression, tumult, fascination, dash, bay, expand, popularity, bunce, flyover, roll, score, grumble, hubbub, overpass, clash, rush, winner, hit, godsend, exposit, brandish, favourite, shell, clank, pay, austerity, clamour, windfall, thrive, sounds, skag, caterwaul, digicam, vociferousness, savage, crash, thunderclap, berth, speculative, cartridge, thwack, celluloid, pass with flying colors, speculation, clack, clamor.

Examples of usage:

1) From the group there rolled back across the waters a whole broadside of echoes in response to the single boom of our forecastle gun fired for the purpose. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) Still he persisted, and Mattawa watched him, because there was only room for one, until there was a crash above them, and the tilted top of the great boom came down. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) The captain wanted the fall of the big steel boom made more secure. - "Command", William McFee.