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Spell check of edge

Correct spelling: edge

brink, roughness, tartness, contact, bounce, acridity, crawl, diversity, meet, advantage, deadline, split, terminus, suburb, coast, skirting, blade, borderline, march, acuteness, bristle, tip, handicap, uptight, bevel, frill, limiting, welt, frame, distinction, stead, bump into, marginal, saltation, head start, acerbity, skirt, fringy, contain, better, sharpen, benefit, boundary line, wharf, excited, mete, difference, meander, confining, effectualness, fence, lip, contour, ring, periphery, glimmer, tense, zenith, ringing, keenness, bank, point, terminating, groin, curb, restriction, limb, acridness, peak, incisiveness, brim, dock, upper hand, butt against, delimitation, whip hand, limit, apex, rocket, raciness, ease, frontier limit, sting, envelop, flounce, maximum, efficacity, bite, sharpness, bend, frontier, restrict, constraining, chuck, trace, confines, verge, bitterness, acrimoniousness, outline, corner, turn, utmost, exhibit, broomstick, coastal, harshness, portal, asset, touch, end, environs, abut, cusp, knock against, peripheral, flange, precipice, sharp, mouth, start, variety, process, leaping, trimming, jar against, hem, smoke signal, divergence, vantage, edging, acuity, effectiveness, irritable, hook, trump card, tumble, smash, strand, margin, terminate, seam, cutoff, bunt, dawdle, compass, glitter, bit, base, win, crush, molding, claw, perimeter, hem in, overpower, acrimony, variation, crest, back, rally, encircle, restrain, moulding, boundary, spring, poignancy, inch, thrash, run into, center, mole, fringe, demonstrate, limitation, hone, attachment, glint, overcome, incentive, pungency, come down, catbird seat, crust, bounds, list, term, marge, acidness, nettle, acidity, ledge, the business end, outskirt, adjoin, restraining, parade, frame in, distinctness, asperity, gleam, circumference, inside track, contradiction, beat, kettle, bulge, bump, engulf, restricting, virtue, jump, high ground, quay, surface, drop back, leap, pull, tooth, bottom, efficiency, bound, outpouring, bounding, merit, over, beach, efficaciousness, depreciation, superiority, shore, skyrocket, productiveness, privilege, creep, poignance, fireworks, contrast, acme, enclose, threshold, defeat, drift, cool off, surround, rim, collision, knife, drop, butt on, good, trail, environ, knock out, crook, border, extreme, selvage, fall behind, side, extremity, razor.

gentleness, center, interior, penalty, inner, bar, detriment, mildness, disadvantage, ineffectiveness, heart, inability, rub, within, inside, obstruction, core, strike, liability, minus, disparity, inadequacy, disability, manacle, incompetency, obstacle, interference, handicap, softness, hurdle, stop, ineffectualness, ineffectuality, shortcoming, impediment, inadequateness, let, stranglehold, inequality, inefficiency, embarrassment, unevenness, setback, hindrance, kindliness, impairment, lurch, clog, failing, shackle, check, imbalance, catch, hitch, trammel, incompetence, drawback, crimp, middle.

Examples of usage:

1) Wampole had not yet seen him, but he heard the youth's voice and now looked around the edge of the paper. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) There was an edge of irony in his low, tired voice. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) So you pushed that great stone out of the edge of the bluff into the river to make them think you had fallen over and drowned- and threw your things down, too, to make it seem as if you both were dead. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.