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Spell check of bleak

Correct spelling: bleak

gruff, green, sensitive, mordant, unfinished, grim, precise, stripped, basic, unsheltered, pure, double-dyed, simple, godforsaken, funereal, inglorious, lancinating, chilly, wretched, astringent, tempestuous, sullen, hot, sinister, blank, new, dank, ignominious, cheerless, unbending, black, inhospitable, complete, pitch-black, curt, fateful, acute, critical, raw, blasted, nasty, despairing, dreary, prudish, vague, stiff-necked, chill, ascetic, abrupt, censorious, destitute, dimmed, caustic, mild, downhearted, demanding, keen, edged, sad, depressing, sore, fresh, wintry, polar, forgotten, distressing, cutting, lonely, stormy, tender, devoid, stringent, pinching, boreal, dull, in the raw, intense, wispy, in the buff, bare-assed, frosty, gross, beatific, stony, utter, contraband, despondent, desert, au naturel, rough, tart, meticulous, faint, dim, brusque, hidebound, authoritarian, lugubrious, dismal, forsaken, drear, correct, windy, freezing, natural, squally, absent, slow, dispirited, strait-laced, smutty, glacial, sunless, miserable, stark, piercing, boisterous, inclement, murky, disgraceful, darkly, blackened, craggy, bare, darkening, foul, staring, uncompromising, in the altogether, mere, chilling, sharp, comfortless, thoroughgoing, arctic, smuggled, obdurate, marginal, attitude, objectionable, spare, curious, stabbing, broken, happy, monotonous, biting, unembellished, depressive, weary, disciplined, spiritless, bad, fundamental, dense, inflexible, uninviting, shadowy, flat, unappealing, dour, gray, glum, wild, dreich, unattractive, imperial, black-market, rigorous, unsheathed, fatalistic, rigid, waste, cloudy, naked as a jaybird, dark, hopeless, disastrous, Spartan, shivery, desolate, pessimistic, somber, mournful, pitch-dark, obstinate, stern, crisp, relentless, tenebrific, bare-ass, austere, negative, abandoned, morose, barren, strict, dumb, brisk, piquant, dirty, Draconian, knifelike, peeled, disheartened, gloomy, unadulterated, arrant, unsanded, dire, puritanical, turbulent, perfect, light, elegiac, cleared, bootleg, discouraged, solemn, dry, crude, foggy, calamitous, melancholy, consummate, pleasant, unpleasant, short, dejected, tenebrous, free, Cimmerian, plutonian, hard, sepulchral, lean, subdued, blue, lancinate, exacting, plain, nipping, intolerant, cynical, unornamented, forlorn, anguished, awful, stinging, saturnine, brooding, obtuse, uninhabited, fatal, joyless, acerbic, opprobrious, appealing, acrimonious, harsh, frowning, disagreeable, misty, nippy, sodding, deserted, rude, bombed, blunt, icy, desperate, sunny, bug-eyed, verdant, severe, oppressive, depressed, lonesome, morbid, cold, cool, scanty, stark naked, exposed, everlasting, innocent, bitter, shameful, disconsolate.

cloudless, clear, lukewarm, cordial, cheering, blithesome, optimistic, lighthearted, serene, halcyon, unclouded, warm, placid, cheerful, hospitable, sunshiny, warmed, mirthful, clement, comforting, hot, lightsome, rainless, heartwarming, jolly, balmy, tepid, bright, fair, jocund, encouraging, hopeful, peaceful, merry, sunny, joyous, heated, pleasant, blithe, cheery, festive, buoyant, joyful, calm, friendly.

Examples of usage:

1) The joy of being folded into his love again had banished the desolation and bleak misery from her face. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

2) As she watched and waited a sense of bleak desolation closed in on her. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

3) The Cornish valleys are especially treasured by the people and much admired, because they present such a striking contrast to the high bleak uplands. - "Cornwall", G. E. Mitton.