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Spell check of date

Correct spelling: date

pick up, backdate, eon, lemon, melon, raisin, interim, project, construe, dally with, old-time, examine, run across, image, caption, moment, guava, spell, review, aeon, find, black currant, Mon., continuance, lime, look, old, sweetheart, assignment, interlocking, cohabit, lifetime, sweetie, hear, gooseberry, involvement, lover, meet, century, youthful, court, conflict, agree, realise, appointee, interpret, learn, life span, age, sequence, visit, ackee, go over, obsolete, epoch, fancy, succession, delay, fitting, girlish, battle, squire, well-preserved, escort, beefsteak tomato, realize, bodyguard, fruit, control, come across, see, primitive, naming, dated, watermelon, enshrine, day, mesh, address, meeting, leave, fight, fill out, time, regard, nectarine, call, low-tech, squeeze, old-world, tamarind, get word, love, designation, young, measure, go together, find out, apple, get a line, olive, exit, span, bilberry, M., assure, Sun., experience, distance, old-fashioned, engagement, citron, orange, meet and greet, appointment, standing, get out, prune, fool around, understand, booking, boyfriend, carry on, papaya, while, friend, betrothal, check over, attend, visualise, visualize, enter, pickup, tangerine, troth, younger, girlfriend, avocado, cheat, involution, apricot, Friday, pineapple, quince, chapter, view, season, complete, raspberry, watch, loganberry, reunion, significant other, out, participation, interview, casaba melon, date stamp, discover, archaic, ensure, Saturday, currant, plum, encounter, see to it, block, interval, go with, salon, semester, mango, day of the month, Monday, life, cantaloupe, run into, tryst, meshing, term, companion, figure, rendezvous, berry, fig, inspect, consider, go out, fill in, pomegranate, banana, check, passion fruit, picture, blackberry, strawberry, annotate, hour, study, assignation, partner, grapefruit, cycle, blueberry, get wind, steady, backgrounder, peach, duration, Fri., year, quarter, pear, reckon, scrutinize, course, outmoded, ascertain, witness, fresh-faced, cranberry, go through, envision, antiquated, reign, youth, run, catch, Sunday, honey, monitor, grape, trick, determine, take care, era, take in, accompaniment, ageless, old flame, employment, go steady, cherry, countdown, Sat., generation, insure, blood orange.

Examples of usage:

1) How about a date tonight, music lover? - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) We're up to date, you see. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) For a long time they sat in silence, until at last Ellen took up the letter to read it again, and began with the date at the head. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.