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Spell check of tidy

Correct spelling: tidy

powerful, smug, clean up, organized, brawny, scrub, clingy, refined, bandbox, immaculate, goodish, estimable, trim, good for you, wealth, clean-shaven, pick up after, enlighten, sanitize, ruly, natty, clear out, badass, crisp, good, bulky, levelheaded, oversize, sweep, groomed, pure, muscular, grand, crystallize, big bucks, cleanse, sterile, substantial, iron out, sound, healthy, honorable, respectable, fastidious, spruce, sort out, order, just so, uncluttered, big money, unsullied, prim, roll out, decent, straighten out, common, level-headed, kempt, adaptive, hefty, boxcar, taintless, unsoiled, square away, brush, megabucks, largish, antiseptic, all right, spick-and-span, major, tolerable, shipshape, shed light on, clear up, disinfect, adequate, disentangle, uncontaminated, unbend, considerable, ample, large, intelligent, extensive, manicured, large-scale, payout, OK, acceptable, straighten, taut, spotless, babyish, average, clear, straight, well-groomed, smart, husky, neaten, sterilize, straighten up, purify, illuminate, sizable, mint, sizeable, elucidate, sanitary, moderate, passable, crystallise, fairish, hulking, clean-cut, tight, big, clean, significant, sufficient, clean out, addictive, salubrious, neat, fortune, put right, cleanly, voluminous, biggish, unlittered, substantive, constitutionally, pile, slicked up, wipe, reform, pick up, purge, groom, hygienic, ordered, tidied, born, orderly, picked up, windfall, crystalise, crystalize, fair, well-kept, sinewy, unsnarl, handsome, great, flexible, outsize, goodly, trig, stainless, nice, classy, launder, filter, tidy up, dapper, unstained, snug, flawed, satisfactory, see the light, wash.

blowzy, microscopic, pocket, little, measly, sordid, paltry, small, dinky, slender, straggling, cluttered, bitty, picayunish, meager, hugger-mugger, littered, jumbled, dishevelled, higgledy-piggledy, rambling, minute, pocket-size, uncared for, nasty, messy, dirty, frowzy, pint-size, pygmy, teensy, dowdy, disordered, rumpled, dwarfish, disheveled, ungroomed, shrimpy, negligent, mussed, trifling, seedy, little-bitty, rude, microminiature, blowsy, filthy, straggly, soiled, wee, inconsiderable, slight, scraggly, picayune, puny, tiny, teensy-weensy, insubstantial, foul, slim, smallish, unsystematic, undersized, bantam, mini, piddling, miniature, tumbled, unkempt, tousled, petty, dwarf, Lilliputian, disorganized, mussy, shabby, nominal, squalid, sluttish, thin, slatternly, petite, slipshod, slouchy, teeny-weeny, topsy-turvy, disorderly, sloven, insignificant, marginal, minuscule, frowzled, teeny, sprawling, rough, diminutive, untidy, slovenly, unimportant, sloppy, frowsy, inconsequential, half-pint, infinitesimal, trivial, negligible, scruffy.

Examples of usage:

1) Martha was such a tidy housekeeper that she would see the least lack and set to work to remedy it, and that Betty could not abide. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) We must be tidy, and cut a dash at lunch. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) She was very tidy in her habits; liked to keep the house clean, and have her yard and flowers look well. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.