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Spell check of exhausted

Correct spelling: exhausted

discharged, clipped, weariful, used-up, chopped, wore, blackballed, erupted, bored, limp, ill-defined, prostrate, decreased, knackered, tapped out, emptied, trying, discarded, forfeited, fatigued, tired out, excreted, cut, empty, belched, ejaculated, beat, spewed, shrank, done, toilsome, spent, excised, consumed, divested, depressed, junked, eliminated, drained, jaded, frazzled, jettisoned, seeped, debited, faint, oppugned, tapped, pooped, lethargic, dissolved, decremented, health, shedded, dissipated, listless, wayworn, ejected, trashed, rejected, apathetic, worn-out, dog-tired, half-hearted, done in, checked, sapped, faint-hearted, over-weary, sleepy, dim, dispossessed, expended, denied, washed-out, barred, shrunk, tired, anymore, run off, disallowed, enervated, abandoned, sluggish, gone, purposeless, ran down, secreted, jilted, cheerless, faded, lopped, timid, devoured, used, disclaimed, bleary, wore down, faltering, disapproved, up, fagged, flagged, exited, wasted, weak, depleted, wore out, deep-sixed, sniped, rundown, dropped, debilitated, ran off, scraped, complete, weary, misplaced, issued, departed, droopy, disgorged, dozy, irresolute, spouted, excluded, tuckered, beaten, past, emitted, aweary, feeble, worn, blue, through, uphill, played out, completed, blacklisted, lost, sheared, burned-out, drowsy, evacuated, finished, indistinct, bushed, eroded, exuded, wiped out, all in, wearied, footsore, languid, flaccid, culled, curtailed, cropped, dead, vomited, worn down, logy, run-down, vented.

hearty, rested, remaining, conspicuous, bright, relaxed, undrained, sturdy, left over, unwearied, revitalized, energetic, left, rejuvenated, unconsumed, fresh, brilliant, daring, leftover, strong, weariless, refreshed, resolute, active, unspent, peppy, vigorous, strengthened, unexpended, clear, invigorated, unexhausted, vitalized, tireless, odd.

Examples of usage:

1) I am nigh exhausted with telling them what I want. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) As we reached the remains of our camp fire, Helen sank exhausted with laughter, great tears streaming down her cheeks. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) However he remained firm to his resolve, and wandered on till he felt, in his trembling knees and exhausted frame, how deeply the last few hours had affected him. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.