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Spell check of bewilder

Correct spelling: bewilder

give, outfox, mortify, throw away, rag, stick by, tucker out, exhaust, worry, stupefy, pay off, stick, nettle, flummox, posture, sire, frustrate, daze, stay, chafe, commove, switch, adhere, tucker, engender, spoil, pulsate, outwit, surprise, stick around, impersonate, jumble, disorient, generate, throw off, scramble, place, make, contract, complicate, chagrin, experience, agitate, quiver, astonish, induce, impress, model, muddy, besot, befuddle, draw, fuddle, thwart, overwhelm, confuse, shake up, start, shed, ticktock, astound, drum, fox, suffer, stare, become, bamboozle, project, confound, begin, overreach, pose, amaze, mother, set out, bedevil, stir up, flap, get down, scram, discompose, cohere, capture, father, dizzy, befog, marvel, thump, set, feelings, fascinate, hold, develop, daunt, stay put, overawe, shame, cast off, sting, wash up, beget, get, convey, abash, set about, beat out, annoy, mystify, gravel, lodge, stick to, vanquish, maze, perplex, hold fast, buffalo, sustain, lay, drive, regulate, incur, embarrass, shake off, throw, tick, thrum, gape, position, catch, humble, nonplus, buzz off, grow, addle, come, upset, work over, acquire, foil, find, present, wonder, baffle, go, fetch, sit, bemuse, discombobulate, obtain, cast, cross, get at, commence, beat up, bring, mix up, cleave, nark, arrest, arrive, disconcert, muddle, start out, disturb, clear, crush, dazzle, engross, hurl, bond, vex, drop, take, cause, stimulate, bring forth, dishearten, stun, pound, bugger off, bother, raise up, humiliate, dumbfound, beat, aim, produce, cling, have, let, shell, bunk, ticktack, gawk, puzzle, bilk, personate, get to, circumvent, thrust, pay back, bind, flip, trounce, irritate, wedge, put, get under one's skin, outsmart, fix, scotch, contrive, rile, stand by, receive.

encourage, rally, inform, inspirit, embolden, animate, enlighten, reassure, buoy, uphold, satisfy, assure, cheer.

Examples of usage:

1) For a few days Lady Fanny seems to have felt that the matter was irrevocably settled: " The more I think of what has happened, the more I bewilder myself- I therefore do not think at all." - "Lady-John-Russell", MacCarthy, Desmond.

2) From this feeling of social responsibility some years ago I approached the hysterical trickster, Madame Palladino, who had so much inflamed the mystical imagination of the country, and from this interest in the social aspect I undertook again recently a research into the mental powers of Beulah Miller, who was well on the way to bewilder the whole nation and thus to stir up the always latent mystic inclinations of the community. - "Psychology and Social Sanity", Hugo M√ľnsterberg.

3) Just as on a clear night, when we look up into the starlit sky, it would bewilder us to try and remember all the stars, so we learn first to know those that are most easily recognised- the Plough, or the Great Bear, as they shine with a clear steady light against the background of a thousand lesser stars. - "Knights of Art Stories of the Italian Painters", Amy Steedman.