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Spell check of bump

Correct spelling: bump

wallop, run over, classify, air mile, catapult, erupt, pension off, impulse, come apart, run into, divulge, gust, pass, split up, knock, drive, observe, conflict, black eye, corner, chop, confines, get hold, abrasion, energize, boil, eject, split, push, founder, find out, tumble on, shift, collapse, burst, clip-clop, banish, concussion, lump, come across, swipe, go bad, ferment, propel, adventure, pass off, baggage storage, separate, find, violate, launch, intumescency, instigate, lob, smack, occur, line up, break out, die, wear out, rule, snap off, fracture, criticise, chance, run across, take on, rise, strike, bash, disclose, heave, crepitation, airlink, click, rock, degrade, reposition, unwrap, demote, baggage allowance, ruin, jostle, demotion, relegate, belt, crash, break up, take chances, develop, fire, collide, impact, expulsion, ping, prompt, inspire, hasten, cave in, boom, base, slap, prod, trip, tap, induce, force, boost, damp, smash, shock, evict, sling, fling, reversal, pitch, fall apart, weaken, plump, smash into, back, airfare, hurl, dampen, provoke, break, pass on, shoot, criticize, fall out, regain, strike hard, clink, rap, repetition, offend, abscess, box, sway, notice, clap, impel, stimulate, incur, foment, jar, feel, risk, dislodge, hump, whop, come up, recrudesce, thrust, bounce, catch, cuff, kick, nudge, thwack, swat, intermit, poke, kick downstairs, pause, jut, bonk, knob, expel, reduce, bechance, hammer blow, clangor, go against, thud, reveal, encourage, materialize, buffet, dismiss, infract, bop, stop, gibbosity, fail, magnetize, determine, clatter, conk out, find oneself, give, get out, pink, give out, vibrate, check, bar, blow, witness, blackhead, jab, whack, accompanied baggage, jounce, bulge, motivation, blast, intumescence, go, puff, baggage check, materialise, chuck, collision, bevel, urge, motivate, move, prominence, go on, pink slip, shove, lay off, recover, fall in, edge, projection, coke, blemish, snap, receive, wobble, protuberance, goad, breach, apex, downgrade, kick out, nose candy, bedsore, bring out, airline, expose, jutting, discharge, interrupt, beat, blotch, bat, excrescence, detect, entice, aerial, swelling, break down, befall, nodule, swing, get around, throw, oust, ease out, part, walk into, bottom, submit, clack, let on, run a risk, transgress, give away, slug, break dance, air rage, thump, pat, bang, throw out, node, break off, ascertain, wear, see, flutter, pay off, hit, clout, reverse, gibbousness, blister, break in, puffiness, pick apart, clash, shot, discontinue, discover, wave, encounter, shake, play, obtain, clunk, flap, punch, break away, soften, retrieve, clump, retire, take place, jog, reduction, athlete's foot, brim, hap, gamble, bust, boot, let out, better, bankrupt, free, stub, report, sock, hazard, give way, meet, protrusion, jolt, displace, oscillate, take a chance, get, impingement, meet up with, knot, trigger, come about, momentum, slam, ram, keep, happen, snow, hurtle, extrusion, setback.

elevate, kick upstairs, raise, upgrade, advance, promote.

Examples of usage:

1) It froze the tip of my nose so often that that feature felt like a foreign bump on my face. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) A bump or two don't count for much. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) Did you get a bump on your forehead on that occasion? - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.