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Spell check of gravel

Correct spelling: gravel

drive, reproof, incur, bemuse, take, rag, bait, rough, tailing, cod, tantalise, begin, lecture, stick around, nark, progress to, regulate, make, flap, circumvent, lambast, quiver, commence, model, ticktack, aim, jaw, rasping, sire, disoblige, set about, shake up, discommode, nonplus, dun, personate, rebuke, spoil, ticktock, beat up, thump, graveled, exhaust, cleave, outwit, pound, pay off, produce, set, shell, stay put, incommode, draw, grating, throw, besot, capture, scotch, sit, dumbfound, croaky, lambaste, tantalize, cacophonous, scree, ride, inconvenience oneself, wedge, baffle, rocks, raspy, frustrate, bother, stick by, get to, coarse, amaze, stimulate, inconvenience, tucker, worry, stun, pinnacle, rub, adhere, bring, cohere, stir up, pay back, posture, excoriate, complicate, receive, bugger off, work over, set out, croaking, nettle, stick, access, bilk, obtain, stand by, stupefy, sustain, get under one's skin, sting, vanquish, bunk, commove, marl, shingle, scold, urticate, beat out, mystify, get down, throaty, call on the carpet, place, beat, outsmart, beget, develop, pebble, get, chide, have words, hold fast, taunt, fetch, cacophonic, puzzle, wash up, go, suffer, put out, agitate, become, bring forth, start, reach, fray, drum, rock, chew out, present, overreach, shale, twit, bewilder, let, meteorite, bawl out, come, flummox, foil, husky, thrum, dirt, stay, fret, bond, trouble, rusty, crush, vex, tick, stick to, fix, arrive, dress down, crushed rock, trouble oneself, cause, induce, sand, disturb, tucker out, berate, spar, rally, astonish, father, put, have, pulsate, reprimand, lodge, macadam, raise up, irritate, catch, thwart, scram, rile, scramble, tease, cross, acquire, gruff, outfox, get at, gall, cling, find, perplex, generate, experience, razz, unpaved, mother, arrest, convey, annoy, discombobulate, call down, roil, bedevil, remonstrate, grow, position, washings, boulder, alluvium, start out, scratch, flint, trounce, crucify, bind, engender, screenings, impersonate, buzz off, chew up, pose, torment, lay, scratchy, chafe, gravelly, contract, astound.

lyric, golden, gliding, mellifluent, liquid, smooth, gentle, melodic, lyrical, sweet, soft, satiny, musical, tender, euphonious, soothing, velvety, silken, melodious, mellow, mellifluous.

Examples of usage:

1) It would be better if you were on gravel, but it's nothing. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Fortunately it fell just at her feet, and lay on the light gravel of the walk. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) I heard steps on the gravel walk- some one sought for the handle of the hall door; it opened and a youth in a black cloak and hat appeared on the threshold. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.