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Spell check of bleed

Correct spelling: bleed

hose, carry, deepen, shed blood, get rid of, reduce, stiff, ladder, diddle, scarper, turn tail, ply, gyp, melt, move, sorrow, blot, mop, chouse, euchre, hunt, do, underpay, suffer, fly the coop, squeeze, express, draft, hammer, lurch, lead, mourn, phlebotomize, whack, flimflam, bring back, incline, play, flutter, fade, nobble, exude, jump, spurt, change, mulct, race, dry, agonize, sting, transpire, melt down, haemorrhage, gouge, bypass, skin, chisel, rook, operate, dry off, leach, cup, hemorrhage, defraud, swindle, ooze, phlebotomise, ream, execute, siphon, bilk, run, bunk, strain, extort, consort, victimize, anguish, aspirate, go, run for, solid, bleach, pump, anaesthetize, mellow, weep, hunt down, cauterize, fiddle, drain, function, dehydrate, strong-arm, hurt, skunk, catch, leech, shortchange, attend, confiscate, tend, brighten, be given, seep, grieve, draw off, shake down, gray, catheterize, beat, sap, flow, cozen, course, blackmail, exhaust, lam, guide, bandage, draw, gaff, black market, percolate, hightail it, thimblerig, rip off, transude, feed, blacken, gush, pauperize, anesthetize, pluck, sweat, impoverish, work, extend, soak, escape, do in, con, endure, break away, campaign, run away, cheat, hustle, steal, lean, unravel, die hard, tap, stick, pass, clot, take to the woods, range, short, prevail, ache, scat, track down, lighten, persist, head for the hills.

flood, assure, pour, delight, joy, exult, sympathize, drench, bathe, beam, glory, triumph, stream, cheer, souse, water, laugh, commiserate, swamp, wash, soak, deluge, rejoice, console, gush, soothe, douse, submerge, surge, comfort, reassure, wet, ravish, drown, inundate, solace, overflow, crow, fill.

Examples of usage:

1) Going up the steps Archie fell and bumped his head, making his nose bleed, and there was so much excitement for a time that the Elephant was forgotten. - "The Story of a Stuffed Elephant", Laura Lee Hope.

2) I rush onward like a wounded animal, afraid to pause lest I should be tempted to lie down and bleed to death. - "Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life", Ann S. Stephens.

3) This is nearly eighty feet, at which point the pressure of the water is so great that the divers not infrequently bleed at the ears on coming to the surface. - "The Pearl of India", Maturin M. Ballou.