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Spell check of blast

Correct spelling: blast

frivol away, fervor, spud, dun, pop, clang, bedevil, fringe, maximally, approach, breath, ace, frustrate, change, bash, strafe, rip through, crowd pleaser, report, onset, accompany, dynamite, expand, ack-ack gun, pass, restraint, fast, flak catcher, amusement, riot, shock, activity, blitzkrieg, conflict, arrange, outbreak, airy, onslaught, draft, blitz, bourgeon, denunciation, smash, articulation, nab, whump, claxon, barrage, blast away, photograph, punch, ardor, gunpowder, arrest, germinate, snow, flack catcher, reversal, pull down, torment, fun, feud, fire, mortify, tumult, flame, harangue, clash, spar, group, push down, attack, floor, airborne, completely, tell off, din, shell, stridency, strike, hit, demolish, flush, snap, bang, puff, blow apart, gonorrhoea, hook, escapism, clank, roar, crucify, caterwaul, criticism, enthusiasm, savage, dissent, reception, gibbet, gale, black eye, binge, clack, thwack, noisiness, fervency, ack-ack, differ, antagonize, inject, fervour, ardour, burst, antiaircraft gun, the Blitz, play, whack, disagree, outburst, shoot down, zephyr, rush, bump, bicker, wind, flaming, dive, eruption, bang up, rag, plug, boom, toot, pass with flying colors, pick off, excitement, cut down, take, bankrupt, air strike, fritter away, thump, racket, clangor, talking-to, pinpoint, reverse, blow, rake, loudness, honk, bursting, shoot, vociferousness, dart, clamour, back, beep, smasher, attempt, enjoyment, gust, atmospherics, buck, eructation, nose candy, kick, sprout, coke, pom-pom, thunder, blow up, airless, flourish, explode, brawl, airflow, firing, extravasation, apprehend, contend, breathable, gonorrhea, blowup, thrill, sonority, scud, volcanic eruption, irruption, scoot, fritter, husk, tear, spray, bombing, fete, collide, castigate, dump, peg, quibble, uproar, crash, shindig, hubbub, shindy, boot, reproach, clap, diatribe, explosive, dense, good time, get-together, detonation, tone-beginning, pullulate, dash, crush, setback, pick up, dribble, blare, air, bombardment, sail through, cross, flurry, explosion, break, work, thunderclap, broil, beat out, breeze, knock down, lecture, coldcock, function, cacophony, subdue, noise, sweep through, batter, thrive, loud noise, film, uproariousness, powwow, baton, pip, fool away, cop, breeze through, nail, boisterousness, down, flak, event, belt, vanquish, fulmination, atmosphere, censure, backhand, bang out, delivery, corner, flack, knock, deck, take down, blowout, nail down, delight, burgeon forth, onrush, catch, pillory, whomp, windblast, ruin, collar, squabble, celebration, charge, slam, dissipate, chip, complete, blow away, tumultuousness, remonstrance, beat, air raid, ball, row, altercate, smash up, bam, fool, blow off, do, affair, fervidness, trounce, flash, zap, boom out, clamor, self-destruct, antiaircraft, strike at, plan of attack, williwaw, current, tear apart.


Examples of usage:

1) Late in the evening we prepared for the anticipated blast. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The plant will be running full blast in January. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) He walked to the bridge- rail, put two fingers in his mouth and blew a shrill blast. - "Command", William McFee.