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Spell check of bold

Correct spelling: bold

disrespectful, uppity, gutsy, enterprising, stony, temerarious, rude, ruthless, recalcitrant, plain, snippy, fearless, remarkable, venturous, sacrilegious, bold-faced, cobwebby, lionhearted, sarcastic, saucy, greathearted, heroic, absolute, touch-and-go, unsafe, color-coded, willing, diaphanous, decisive, filmy, contemptuous, see-through, steely, confrontational, unmixed, strong-minded, headstrong, emboldened, grabby, unmingled, diligent, inexorable, clean, full-page, factious, salient, enduring, intent, vaporous, colored, earnest, overreaching, mettlesome, irreverent, insistent, vaulting, right-down, daring, iron-willed, font, stiff, eye-catching, signal, vapourous, staunch, serious, unwavering, implacable, rebellious, obvious, audacious, relentless, doughty, striking, tough, dramatic, transparent, unbending, clear, out-and-out, dogged, uncivil, reliable, steady, adventurous, hearty, resolute, assumptive, courtesy, bodacious, fervent, foolhardy, impolite, venturesome, discourteous, firm, blunt, constant, outrageous, wise, challenging, outspoken, brash, emphatic, devoted, overfamiliar, thorough, stubborn, dauntless, insolent, arresting, gutty, loyal, strong, fresh, prominent, uncompromising, gossamer, resistant, chancy, set, obstinate, fear, immodest, bluff, derisive, copperplate, mouthy, hardy, defiant, format, brilliant, conflicting, manful, dedicated, flamboyant, coarse, committed, dodgy, chintzy, true, pointed, arrogant, steep, flintlike, stout-hearted, daredevil, nerved, precipitous, tenacious, plucky, capitalise, boldface, uppish, smart, pronounced, unyielding, presuming, risky, brazen-faced, adventuresome, catchy, persevering, noticeable, faithful, unsound, inconsiderate, indefatigable, undauntable, cocksure, downright, unflagging, safety, overvaliant, strong-willed, brassbound, deliberate, tireless, flagrant, impudent, snippety, valiant, frank, decided, undaunted, pert, stern, steadfast, unafraid, sassy, showy, smart-alecky, cold, reckless, cheeky, free-swinging, plain-spoken, obdurate, arch, bleached, sheer, bulldogged, kenspeckle, blustering, persistent, dashing, zealous, definite, assuming, resolved, overconfident, heroical, ablaze, observable, brusk, gauze-like, confident, open, brassy, marked, forward, capitalize, chivalrous, gauzy, brazen, indomitable, galley, rough, stout, insurgent, impertinent, stouthearted, bright, callous, see, contumelious, hard, spunky, conspicuous, rash, familiar, fortitudinous, unflinching, outstanding, splashy, brave, gallant, commanding, flip, malapert, presumptuous, attitude, candid, free, do-or-die, horizontal, abrupt, unchangeable, nervy, determined, unmannerly, unfearing, valorous, bold face, bullheaded, game, courageous, dissenting, pushy, insubordinate, dotted line, unshakeable, boldfaced, rank, intrepid, noisy, stalwart.

hidden, unheroic, toned-down, unobtrusive, appalled, simple, respectful, gradual, fearful, reserved, calm, ashamed, lily-livered, startled, bland, poor-spirited, retiring, panicked, mannerly, apprehensive, understated, bashful, muted, shocked, coy, ungallant, wise, genial, diffident, scared, humble, quiet, overcautious, nerveless, spooked, unadventurous, faint, frightened, deferential, wary, cool, flush, modest, perturbed, lowly, chicken, mousey, unwrinkled, milk-livered, levelheaded, plane, concerned, unmanly, genteel, nervous, scary, undistinguished, pusillanimous, abashed, flat, unenterprising, soft, spineless, level, dismayed, unnerved, shy, gentle, embarrassed, terrified, shrouded, affrighted, invisible, weak, craven, plain, panic-stricken, careful, intimidated, urbane, skittish, sensible, rational, coward, sage, timorous, obscure, refined, fainthearted, concealed, cowardly, proper, yellow, mild, disconcerted, heedful, milky, sane, unpretentious, subdued, terrorized, chicken-livered, unimportant, restrained, alarmed, smooth, unassuming, disturbed, unflashy, anxious, horizontal, timid, mousy, cautious, down-to-earth, reasonable, polite, dim, demure, unemphatic, afraid, conservative, wimpy, insignificant, horrified, even, blushing, unaffected, prudent, chickenhearted, moderate, sound, inconspicuous, worried, unassertive, shamefaced, disquieted, spiritless, subtle, meek, dastardly, overcareful, trepid, upset, courteous, unremarkable, gutless, easy, poltroon, agitated, polished, unnoticeable, unruffled.

Examples of usage:

1) I would only say that, if he felt it dangerous to be seen in the company of Jesus, it was a bold thing to visit Him at all. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) See how bold they take their stand! - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) It was written over in a clear, bold hand. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.