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Spell check of bit

Correct spelling: bit

scintilla, ate, molecule, smithereen, blowtorch, factor, dollar, spur, dapple, atom, indorsement, stain, procedure, big, lick, supped, tittle, item, telephone number, soup├žon, minute of arc, irregular, snack, hour, snacked, dinar, second gear, speck, action, check, inch, dividend, endorsement, proportion, pip, kickshaw, while, hair, quota, budget, buffalo chip, cipher, spell, portion, round, scrap, partition, half, granule, snowflake, driblet, quality, splash, tidbit, applicator, cent, trickle, AUD, shred, mo, lump, detail, act, thorn, scruple, devoured, picnicked, interest, cow chip, point, smell, human activity, cervix, subroutine, hairbreadth, stock, taster, symbol, present moment, blot, opus, bore, cut, molybdenum, topographic point, arcminute, blade, sprinkling, drill, turn of events, ace, insect bite, sting, droplet, blowlamp, combat, chicken feed, bend, fragment, eccentric, bout, dollop, bits, allotment, GHz, nugget, parcel, minim, stretch, cow dung, shtick, shard, tolerance, helping, lance, join, spatter, cate, grain, ort, dined, harness, integer, maculation, microchip, maximum, bradawl, stung, position, sample, office, bellows, crook, bitten, glimmer, blinders, subdivision, skosh, percentage, whit, smear, words, slice, snaffle, dram, chunk, minute, baud, dainty, space, notation, post, bite, tour, fleck, c., infinitude, flake, ct., jot, dpi, contribute, sec, hint, identification number, quantum, sign, punch, segment, crumb, ingested, feasted, die, twist, wink, little, sharpness, catch, berth, chipping, speckle, touch, streak, go, moiety, byte, second base, turn, euro, mite, slur, crop, pinch, function, instant, s, a bit, treat, tad, piece, spotlight, minimum, paragraph, suspicion, specimen, splinter, goody, second, iota, block, chomp, chip, kidnapping, billet, section, silicon chip, skewer, cojones, quantity, dab, poker chip, firearm, unit, trace, oddball, micro chip, drift, particle, girth, box end wrench, cps, fraction, beaver, raciness, nip, import, division, margin, pittance, good turn, musical composition, phone number, shade, secondment, crown, time, stake, collation, snippet, figure, sliver, deed, lot, injured, awl, gulped, drop, smack, subprogram, arrow, puncture, facet, fence, horsewhip, stub, auger, dribble, Allen wrench, consumed, mouthful, fighting, modus operandi, min, flyspeck, member, objet d'art, stump, participate, eccentric person, stick, property, strain, daub, potato chip, composition, poker, share, dot, aspect, a little, eaten, crisp, slit, whisker, commission, split, art object, number, story, chip shot, puss, needle, gag, trash, jiffy, gouge, splintering, spear, digit, taste, rubbish, tasted, component, consequence, moment, substructure, dime, perforator, play, piece of music, arcsecond, compartment, halter, feature, allowance, excerpt, human action, patch, bridle, delectable, smudge, sector, dose, nature, mote, peanuts, fed, measure, snip, routine, fight, trifle, shadow, modicum, atomic number 42, part, pungency, small-arm, drank, cervical, smidgen, ounce, smirch, breakfasted, numeral, enactment, geek, peculiarity, here and now, curb, spike, place, dash, zone, scale, clock speed, penetrator, spot, man, viand, character, squib, hurdle, snap, morsel, capacity, turning, ray, spark, nubbin, ration, adjustable wrench, tip, lunched, issue, grubbed, grab, situation, bandwidth.

gob, overage, loads, raft, deal, bushel, abundance, fistful, overflow, hunk, much, scads, peck, stack, plenty, mess, chunk, lot, boatload, bucket, oodles, lashings, pile, slab, profusion, gobs, quantity, passel, overkill, barrel, surplus, potful, overabundance, bundle, superabundance, embarrassment, surfeit, volume, excess, overmuch, bonanza, superfluity, oversupply, wealth, lump, mass, heaps, reams, mountain, wad.

Examples of usage:

1) Once the wind changed a bit and blew the smoke directly down upon them. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Take this bit too. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Now if I hurt ye a bit, try to stand it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.