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Spell check of fail

Correct spelling: fail

flame out, increase, locomote, come apart, crumple, bombard, crash, hold up, stall, blend, last, hand out, snuff it, go back on, offend, move over, intermit, leave, suffer, excess, leave out, tank, infract, dissect, downgrade, expire, break off, snitch, recrudesce, crop rotation, emaciate, promote, analyze, split up, tell on, strong, deceive, lead, break out, break up, omit, give way, sag, go against, crop, breach, ruin, endure, miscarry, travel, renege, overlook, perish, neglect, decline, dampen, surely, crop circle, backfire, function, give out, cash in one's chips, waste, live, part, strike out, gain, die, fall in, extend, violate, burn out, run low, damp, cry off, money, abandon, reliably, fall, disclose, pass away, give off, expose, demote, poop out, combine, decompose, go down, split, stumble, survive, live on, drop, start, drain, lead astray, give-up the ghost, dust bowl, stag, falter, mark down, flunk, proceed, go off, wash out, lag, abort, cuckold, flop, buy the farm, dishonor, go down with, develop, choke, fall through, pall, drought, cut out, founder, shut off, bust, parch, cheat, constantly, dismiss, do without, break, ease up, kick downstairs, hold out, slip, belong, spoil, pretermit, break dance, bite the dust, the dry season, misfire, run short, go away, cave in, bolt out, disregard, arable, relegate, fracture, fall down, back out, prosper, dependably, shop, miss, go bad, wander, let out, degenerate, get around, get out, run out, default, duck out of, plump, desert, give away, backslide, fall apart, slip away, analyse, distribute, cash crop, break away, transgress, do, go under, cultivated, lose, become, fold, help, erupt, invade, succeed, snap off, pop off, depart, mislay, move, smash, denounce, track, kick the bucket, rifle, better, discontinue, let down, cheat on, wear, operate, snap, exit, dry, flag, flush it, droop, sell, take apart, fizzle, backpedal, have, graduate, lose it, go wrong, betray, break down, wither, emit, get going, repudiate, pass out, flounder, contract, afflict, get, crumble, worsen, spill, ignore, deteriorate, decease, forget, drop dead, lessen, sink, go, grade, check, become flat, grass, wear out, bring out, bomb, decay, divulge, come down with, fall short, break in, die out, conk out, discover, crush, crater, beetle off, bolt, mark, dissatisfy, separate, win, run, corn, reveal, disappoint, conk, cultivate, interrupt, pause, yield, collapse, overleap, thrive, tumble, weaken, let on, soften, regularly, give, bewray, rat, bump, fade, catch, languish, bankrupt, croak, unwrap, come down, yes, run down, wane, wilt, fit, work, forfeit, blend in, displease, stop, peter out, blunder, burst, suspend, sound, pass, run off.

deliver the goods, manage, fulfill, rally, content, come through, bring home the bacon, deliver, meet, execute, heed, recover, pass, remember, practice, go over, comply, gain, carry off, click, keep, flourish, perform, recuperate, prosper, discharge, pull off, pan out, mind, bring off, thrive, prevail, make it, come off, satisfy, convalesce, succeed, triumph, cook, negociate, carry out, start, observe, work out, gladden, go, do, rebound, gratify, win.

Examples of usage:

1) Oh, but you mustn't fail, Jane! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I shall pass; my work will fail. - "A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'", Alfred Gatty.

3) She would not fail him. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.