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Spell check of broken

Correct spelling: broken

decomposed, unconsolidated, out of order, rotted, crippled, slack, sporadic, garbled, notched, sundered, splintered, frail, spasmodic, down, low-down, grim, distressed, pebbly, disturbed, at sea, dispirited, smashed, festering, busted, disassociated, low-toned, usable, postponed, domesticated, befuddled, scurvy, scraggly, jagged, downcast, disintegrated, molten, ground, cut, tough, disquieted, lumpy, crumbled, scattered, discontinuous, operative, rugged, terminated, miserable, broken-field, disjoint, lax, alienated, chipped, stopped, distributed, parted, impoverished, detached, furrowed, gangrenous, shattered, unfixed, disconnected, indebted, uncoupled, illogical, bemused, unattached, dissociated, confounded, incised, breached, destroyed, off-and-on, loose, recessed, sliced, unhinged, loosened, dashed, shot, bewildered, interrupted, trained, uncomplete, estranged, defeated, inoperative, disunited, wiped out, housebroken, hurt, fragmented, bisected, mutilated, scraggy, dead, separated, broken in, scissored, confused, released, unfastened, ruined, slit, gaping, closed, roughened, small, fragmentary, defective, discontinued, bumpy, disoriented, unconnected, spoiled, rent, humbled, upset, inconsistent, dotted, mixed-up, intermittent, limp, disengaged, abandoned, dissolved, scummy, depleted, amputated, worried, blue, cleft, removed, flaccid, irregular, ruptured, divided, rough, downhearted, humble, unbound, partitioned, relieved, reprieved, suspended, disjoined, unkept, dispersed, decayed, unordered, disorganised, humiliated, embarrassed, faulty, injured, divorced, unintelligible, severed, snagged, crushed, disjointed, insulated, low-spirited, coarse, tottering, observed, unsmooth, cleaved, incomplete, divergent, nonuniform, ragged, beaten, mortified, abject, broke, kept, overturned, segregated, torn, dilapidated, quit, mazed, low, dismantled, groomed, ended, tame, insolvent, craggy, fuzzy, rotten, sound, damaged, dissected, unglued, down in the mouth, whole, disordered, stayed, discouraged, baffled, bred, upturned, incoherent, burst, fractured, lowly, decrepit, weak, gloomy, tamed, disorganized, impaired, remitted, turned, sad, depressed, putrefied, excised, herded, halting, fitful, nonadhesive, low-pitched, halted, cracked, forgotten, lost, kaput, delayed, ripped, culminated, split, modest, halved.

true, perfect, tabular, unimpaired, plane, wild, concentrated, horizontal, unbreakable, fixed, plumb, mended, healed, flat, organized, soft, clean, even, smooth, flush, kept, aligned, patched, uniform, level, proud, repaired, regular, preserved, solid, unbroken, exact, untamed, vertical, reconstructed, infrangible, straight, uninterrupted, rebuilt, undamaged, complete.

Examples of usage:

1) He would have broken Peter's heart for that bank, as he has his wife's; for if it had not been for Peter's quarrel with his father, first of all, over it, I don't believe all the rest would have happened. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) " See, search if there be a key here," cried she, in a broken voice; " I saw it here three days ago." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) He has never broken that promise; I know, because he told me so. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.