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Spell check of entertain

Correct spelling: entertain

hold dear, value, take for, confine, retain, book, enthrall, adjudge, make merry, weigh, nourish, conjure, hear of, concoct, debate, guest, humor, check, prevail, reflect, shelter, enliven, treat, repute, have round, have over, emcee, inspire, wet-nurse, keep back, bind, do, extemporize, moderate, regard as, indulge, reserve, ask, bear, maintain, go for, amuse, stimulate, apply, think about, arrest, please, ponder, encourage, ruminate, hold in, cheer, view as, refresh, charm, hold back, elate, bore, admit, ignore, deem, think out, look on, question, take to be, hold, occupy, wrestle, neglect, foster, lighten, esteem, captivate, go on, disinvite, think, throw, sustain, hold up, interest, host, distract, contemplate, give, turn, appear, gratify, obtain, consider, cling to, gladden, concord, remember, regale, accommodate, take, defy, recreate, give suck, muse, keep, exhilarate, have in mind, cogitate, assess, invite, protect, hatch, satisfy, think of, flirt with, mull, disport, have, nurture, have got, catering, excite, oblige, cherish, debut, guard, curb, divert, plan, chaperon, concur, suckle, perpend, mean, relax, make, support, carry, excogitate, feed, study, control, think up, solace, harbour, have in, defend, evaluate, deliberate, agree, delight, beguile, toy with, halt, chew on, tire, inspirit, restrain, welcome, comfort, breastfeed, chew over, think through, turn over, weary, declare, think over, engross, shield, receive, nurse, pore, contain, wine and dine, revolve, take hold, harbor, look upon, obligate, treasure, eye, dream up, kick around, meditate, withstand.

disregard, fatigue, harass, nettle, abandon, give up, discard, irk, forget, neglect, chafe, reject, drain, disdain, grate, repudiate, expunge, peeve, wear out, abjure, dismiss, quit, upset, bother, scorn, bore, perturb, bug, jade, deny, ignore, gall, enervate, forsake, disturb, pester, drop, pooh-pooh, desert, fret, refuse, part, harry, slight, renounce, pique, overlook, erase, vex, exhaust, exasperate, annoy, decline, wear, throw out, weary, tire, aggravate.

Examples of usage:

1) " I suppose he had some reason for thinking you might entertain such a proposition," he said bitterly. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) My daughter will entertain you, suh. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) He remembered what Dillard had said to him-" They are in no position to entertain a well guest, let alone a sick one." - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.